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Introduced:  Ancient Enemies Related Quests:  Access to the Viridian Rise Updated:  Forces of Nature
Non-Player Killer
Asheron (NPC) Live
Race Empyrean
Title Master of the Lyceum
Location 21.1N, 69.2E in Asheron's Castle
Level 710
Strength 400
Endurance 600
Coordination 300
Quickness 100
Focus 500
Self 600
Health 800
Stamina 1000
Mana 5000


  • Route:
  • The version of Asheron that regularly appears in game after he returned from Bur.
  • His character model also received an art upgrade at this time, and he now wears an armored robe to protect himself in case he is attacked again.
  • You can read the letter from AC's content designer, Kintani, on these changes here.
  • For a list of earlier appearances made by Asheron, see his lore article.

Lore & Dialog

Ancient Enemies

Asheron tells you, "Welcome to my home! I owe your people a great deal. Because of you I am still able to continue my efforts to return my people to this world."

Asheron tells you, "Humans shall forever be friends with the Empyreans."

Asheron tells you, "I have been told much of what happened here while I was held captive by the Bur."

Asheron tells you, "My servants showed surprising initiative in acquiring your help in defense of the tower."

Asheron tells you, "It would have been very bad indeed if Grael had gained access to my tower. He could have called upon the full magics of the ley lines and split the planet asunder if that had been his wish."

Asheron tells you, "Thanks to your people the tower was well defended. I wish to ensure the safety of the tower and all that lies within these walls."

Asheron tells you, "To that end I am building a great golem of crystal and pyreal who will protect this place and all who rest here."

Asheron tells you, "Bring me Crystal and Pyreal and I will add it to my ultimate protector"

Asheron tells you, "There is a note on the table here that lists the types of crystal and pyreal I can use in the golem's construction."

Asheron tells you, "Welcome, I'm glad you've come."

Asheron tells you, "From my observations and from reports I've received from your Queen I believe that Aerbax is attempting something quite unheard of."

Asheron tells you, "It would seem our enemy has been tampering with the collective memories of three critical events in the past. He has built three dream structures using Quiddity Seeds to allow him to attack these memories and change our perspective in the present."

Asheron tells you, "The first Quiddity Seed is in Knorr where I first summoned the portals that sent my people into portal space."

Asheron tells you, "The second Quiddity Seed's location still alludes me. I believe that the Aun Tumeroks may have more experience in locating these dream structures. Visit Fort Tethana where an emissary of the Tumeroks has been sent to meet you."

Asheron tells you, "The third and final Quiddity Seed was not found by my divinations. I only have a vague idea of what memory may be at risk. Seek out an apparition in the Northern Desert who I have been told will help you."

Asheron tells you, "Do not take these tasks lightly. Our memories form the way we see the world around us. Change our memories and change reality. This is a very real threat."

Asheron tells you, "If Aerbax succeeds we may not even remember we were trying to stop him."
Recollections, Asheron's Speech after completing the three Quiddity Seed Quests

Asheron tells you, "Welcome, I'm glad you've come."

Asheron tells you, "Let's see if you have had any success with the Quiddity Seeds I told you of."

Asheron tells you, "Well done, I feel that you have broken some of the hold that Aerbax had on my memories of Knorr."

Asheron tells you, "Ah Yes, I see that you have broken the hold Aerbax had on our memories of poor Ilservian."

Asheron tells you, "Very good, I see that you have broken Aerbax's hold on our memories of Queen Strathelar's and her early hardships."

Asheron pauses, absorbed by his thoughts.

Asheron tells you, "I believe that Aerbax used the Quiddity Seeds as a distraction to draw our attention away from his true machinations."

Asheron tells you, "The information I was able to steal from his mind combined with reports of activity on the Obsidian Plains seem to confirm this theory. Return to me in a few weeks, I must study the ley lines and learn what I can."
Plans Within Plans

Asheron tells you, "I have a bad feeling about the coming months, true danger may be in front of us."
Master of Design

Asheron tells you, "Bael'zharon will not stop trying to destroy these lands."

Asheron tells you, "We will have to remain vigilant and strong."

Asheron tells you, "As long as we have powerful forces on our side, Dereth shall remain safe."
Forces of Nature Lore and Puzzle Hints for Access to the Viridian Rise Dialog

You tell Asheron, "Viridian Rise"

Asheron tells you, "I did indeed spend time studying this place. In ages past it was called the Viridian Rise. It may seem that it has sprung forth overnight, but in reality the Deru trees are all hidden by extremely strong illusions and wards. Something has disrupted one of the great trees."

Asheron tells you, "Someone will have to enter this place and find out what happened."

Asheron fixes his stare on you expectantly.

Asheron tells you, "The ritual to enter the Viridian Rise is hidden in the guardian statues. I do not know the ritual order, but my studies did reveal the following:"

Asheron tells you, "Each guardian must be invoked in order, and only once. The ritual begins with Oak and ends with Ash."

Asheron tells you, "I can sense that other beings skilled in magic have also studied the area. Perhaps you can find them and convince them to share their findings with you."
Wayward Prince Final Dialog

Asheron tells you, "Ahh, good. I can feel your inner Luminance. If you will help me, I have a mission of the utmost importance for you."

Asheron tells you, "I have managed to capture the elusive and dangerous Book of Eibhil, and have divined a way to seal its power from affecting this world."

Asheron tells you, "To that end, I am asking you to aid me in the delicate task of bearing a small portion of the cursed tome to one who can lock it away forever."

Asheron tells you, "There is a power stirring under the desert of Neftet, awoken by the A'nekshay who have escaped the slavery of the Sand Kings."

Asheron tells you, "It is a power strong enough to bind the Book from harming others forever."

Asheron tells you, "Find that power, a true Avatar of the Deru, and ask it to help you seal away that single page. When you have succeeded, return to me."

Asheron gives you A Page of the Book of Eibhil.

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