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Character Summary
Asheron Character Profile Image
Asheron Realaidain
Associated Groups:
Eras Active:
Important Dates:
  • RE 336 (date of birth)
  • HE 647 (casts The Sundering)

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Asheron Realaidain is a Yalaini mage and central character in the story. He rediscovered the lost art of planar magic and with it changed the world of Auberean forever. His research in portal magic inadvertently lead to the demise of his people, thanks in part to Gaerlan for leaving a gateway open on the Olthoi home world. Virindi tampering would later lead to portals appearing on planets that the Yalaini had once explored, including Ispar.

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  • Maila - Asheron's mother.
  • Atlan - Asheron's father.
  • Gaerlan - One of Asheron's students.
  • Harlune the Misanthrope - A faculty member of the Knorr Lyceum, and one of the few remaining Yalain.
  • Ben Ten - An ally of Asheron, who helped set him free from his Falatacot imprisonment on Bur.
  • Elysa Strathelar - Ally of Asheron since earliest days of Isparian Settlement.
  • Borelean Strathelar - Son of Elysa, has trained under Asheron.






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