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Assault Quest
Level: 40
Type: Solo
Starts With: Tirenia
Starts At: 42.1N, 33.7E in Holtburg
Repeat: 20 Hours


"One of the Queen's hidden vaults has been assaulted. Find the object the creatures were after and bring it to Tirenia."

  • The Tursh Totem quest has 4 different defiled temples. Each temple has pretty much the exact same layout, the only difference being the creatures and some of the rewards for finishing them. There are no upper restrictions on the temples and they all reward you with a Replica of a Tursh Totem on completion.

Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: Defiled Temples

  1. Enter one of the temples for your level group at 77.8N, 32.8E.
    • Note: If your mansion already has a Replica of a Tursh Totem portal device, this is the easiest way to the dungeon (drops at 77.2N, 32.6E). If you do not have the mansion item available, take the Plateau portal from the Town Network [Aluvian], then take the Zatara portal at (45.3N 42.3W).
  2. Jump down into the pit and kill the spirits until you receive a message about feeling "changed".
  3. Run back up the ramp and enter the Vault Sewers portal.

Part 2: Vault Sewers

  1. Work your way through this mostly linear dungeon (see map), until you reach the Royal Vault portal.

Part 3: Royal Vaults

  1. Work your way to the end of the dungeon, kill the Shadow Annihilator, and loot a Tursh Totem Shard from its corpse:
  2. Return the Tursh Totem Shard to Tirenia at 42.1N, 33.7E in Holtburg to receive XP, a Replica of a Tursh Totem, and a royal tatoo.

Dungeons & Maps


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Defiled Temple Lower Wing 77.8N, 32.8E -- 0008
Weakened Vault Sewers 77.8N, 32.8E -- 000C
Weakened Royal Vault 77.8N 32.8E -- 0011


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Defiled Temple Middle Wing 77.8N 32.8E -- 01EC
Secured Vault Sewers 77.8N 32.8E -- 000D
Secured Royal Vault 77.8N 32.8E -- 0012


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Defiled Temple Upper Wing 77.8N 32.8E -- 0009
Reinforced Vault Sewers 77.8N 32.8E -- 000E
Reinforced Royal Vault 77.8N 32.8E -- 0013


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Defiled Temple Asylum 77.8N, 32.8E -- 000A
Fortified Vault Sewers 77.8N, 32.8E -- 000F
Fortified Royal Vault 77.8N, 32.8E -- 0014


Hand in Tursh Totem Shard (40+)
Experience: 11,000,000 (100% up to level 62)
Hand in Tursh Totem Shard (60+)
Experience: 27,000,000 (100% up to level 78)
Hand in Tursh Totem Shard (80+)
Experience: 40,000,000 (Fixed)
Hand in Tursh Totem Shard (100+)
Experience: 79,000,000 (Fixed)


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Opening Dialog

Tirenia tells you, "Please, the Queen is in dire need of your assistance! A group of creatures recently assaulted one of the Queen's hidden vaults. The few guards who were able to escape told me that these creatures were after some sort of artifact."
Tirenia tells you, "These vaults house numerous objects of immense power. Whoever these invaders are, we cannot allow them to obtain that which they seek. I need you to infiltrate the vault and repel the interlopers. If you happen upon the object they are after, return it to me."
Tirenia tells you, "These creatures cut off surface access to the vaults. You will have to enter the sewers beneath in order to break in. Access to the sewers can be found in an old temple at 77.2N, 33.0E. Be sure to take reinforcements with you. These beasts assaulted our vaults in great numbers."

Royal Guards

Royal Guard tells you, "The Queen dispatched a force of Guards to explore the shores of Northern Osteth. It was then that the Shadows struck. They took us completely by surprise. We are mostly new recruits here. I fear we are not quite up to this challenge."
Royal Guard tells you, "You bear the stench of the sewers on you. Perhaps your stink will drive them off!"
Royal Guard tells you, "They're after the Tursh Totem! You have to get in there and take it from them. The Queen would rather the totem be destroyed than it fall into the hands of the Shadow."
Royal Guard tells you, "Where did you come from? I thought all access to the surface was cut off."
Royal Guard tells you, "I don't understand. The force is comprised of Shadows, Drudges, and Virindi. And a Lugian leads them all. Is there some new alliance here that we haven't heard of?"

Handing in Tursh Totem Shard

You allow Tirenia to examine your Tursh Totem Shard.
You hand over 1 of your Tursh Totem Shards.
You've earned 79,000,000 experience.
Tirenia gives you Replica of a Tursh Totem.
Tirenia gives you Royal Oil.
Tirenia tells you, "The Tursh Totem. If they had escaped with this object..."
Tirenia tells you, "You have done our Queen a great service. I am only sorry that the totem had to be destroyed in the process. Still, that is better than the alternative."
Tirenia tells you, "You deserve a reward for your heroic actions. Please take this replica as a show of our gratitude."

Update History


  • Quest introduced.


  • Upper level restrictions removed.

Reforging the Past

  • XP rewards increased.

Learning From Experience

  • 60+ XP reward increased from 23,000,000 to 27,000,000.
  • 80+ XP reward increased from 30,000,000 to 40,000,000.
  • 100+ XP reward increased from 45,000,000 to 79,000,000.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 27 days to 20 hours.

Shattered Masks

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