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Assault on Frost Haven
Level: Any
Rec. Level: 100+
Type: Small Fellowship
Starts At: Frost Haven
Route: Qalaba'r to Qalabar Oasis Settlement to 68.4S, 25.4E
Repeat: 20 Hours


A seasonal quest in Frost Haven which rewards players with many holiday-themed Housing Items and Pet Items.

Walkthrough & Notes[]

  1. Defeat the Abominable Snowman that is currently attacking the town and loot a Frozen Present from its corpse.
  2. Shortly after defeating the Abominable Snowman, Scold will appear.
  3. Attack and defeat Scold. He will break into Scold Chunks and then Scold Lumps as you work to beat him.
  4. Loot a Hot Coal from the Scold Lump's body.
  5. Use the Hot Coal on the Frozen Present to reveal a Present.

Dungeons & Maps[]

No quest dungeons.



1 random reward from Present: Abominable Pack Snowman Icon Abominable Pack SnowmanMr. P. Holiday Pack Doll Icon Mr. P. Holiday Pack DollPack Scold Icon Pack ScoldMagic Hat Icon Magic HatDoll House Icon Doll HouseHoliday Feast Icon Holiday FeastHoliday Hearth Icon Holiday HearthHoliday Lights (Strand) Icon Holiday Lights (Strand)Big Wreath Icon Big WreathOrb of Eternal Frost Icon Orb of Eternal FrostSnowmaker Icon SnowmakerFestivus Rug Icon Festivus RugJubilee Rug Icon Jubilee RugGrand Bed Icon Grand BedPile of Presents Icon Pile of PresentsPitiful Pine Tree Icon Pitiful Pine TreeSnow Drift Icon Snow DriftWood Stove Icon Wood StoveBanner Icon BannerWalking Cane Icon Walking Cane


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Opening Dialog[]

The Mayor tells you, "Hello there, hello there!"
The Mayor tells you, "I'm Mayor of Frost Haven. Welcome to our humble little town."
The Mayor tells you, "Normally it isn't this quiet, but we've been having a bit of a problem."
The Mayor tells you, "Have you seen that mountain peak to the North? That's Mount Ingot, a homicidal Magma Golem named Scold lives up there. Every few weeks he emerges from his cave and marches down the mountain to stomp all over our town. Oh the snomanity, oh, it's awful!"
The Mayor tells you, "On top of all that, there's an Abominable Snowman tromping around the mountains and he doesn't like us non-abominable types."
The Mayor tells you, "Oh! You have to help us. He must be stopped. If you don't help us I'm afraid we may be doomed. Doomed! Doomed!"
The Mayor tells you, "Umm, I'm sure I could dip into the slush fund for a reward if you stop him."


Sam screams, Defend the town!!!
Sam tells you, "Why does everyone keep attacking us? We are a peaceful race. All we want is to live in pea..."
Sam tells you, "Don't worry about me! I'll be fine. Go on without me... defend the town... I..I'm counting on you!"

Update History[]

Cold Tracks

  • Quest introduced.


  • Items added to rewards: Banner, Big Wreath, Festivus Rug, Grand Bed, Jubilee Rug, Pile of Presents, Pitiful Pine Tree, Snow Drift and Wood Stove.
  • Respawn time for Abominable Snowman increased.

The Holiday Rush