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Character Summary
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  • RE 371 - date of death

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Father of Asheron, husband of Maila[1] and creator of the Atlan Weapons, which were used against the Shadows in the Empyrean Shadow War.[2][3]

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Atlan's Treatise Icon Atlan's TreatiseAtlan's Coded Notebook Icon Atlan's Coded NotebookField Report Icon Field Report

Related Items[]

Ancient Necklace Icon Ancient NecklaceAncient Ring Icon Ancient RingAncient Goblet Icon Ancient Goblet [10]


  • Atlan's Laboratory - Atlan's Laboratory, sealed by Empyrean Wards. Perhaps something in the Workshop could provide clues to gaining entrance to the Lab.
  • Knorr
  • Atlan's Inner Chamber
  • The Seat of Knorr holds an unusable portal to Atlan Dormitory



Other References to Lord Atlan[]

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