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Atlan Weapons Quest
Level: Any
Rec. Level: 20+
Type: Solo
Starts At: see dungeons & maps
Repeat: 20 Hours


Quest to forge Atlan Weapons.

Walkthrough & Notes

See also: Pragmatic Guide to Atlan Weapons.

Step 1: Creating the Pyreal Ingot

  1. Atlan weapons are forged from Pyreal Motes, which are dropped by Golems. You will need the equivalent of 16 motes to create a weapon. See below for some good places to hunt Golems.
  2. Combine two Pyreal Motes to create a Pyreal Sliver.
  3. Combine two Pyreal Slivers to create a Pyreal Nugget.
  4. Combine two Pyreal Nuggets to create a Pyreal Bar.
  5. Finally, combine two Pyreal Bars to create a Quality Pyreal Ingot (Alchemy skill check).

Step 2: Forging the Atlan Weapon at Crater Lake Village

  1. Head to Crater Lake Village and purchase the appropriate glyph from Silencia the Archmage at 64.8N 13.4E.
    • Route: Glenden Wood to Highland Manors portal at 28.0N, 29.5E. Run southwest to the Crater Pathway dungeon at 60.6N, 15.7E and when inside take all ramps up to the surface portal that exits at Crater Lake Village.
  2. Apply the glyph to your Quality Pyreal Ingot (Weapon skill check) to create a Superb Infused Ingot.
  3. Hand the Superb Infused Ingot to Silencia's Magma Golem and it will give you an Atlan Weapon of the same type as the stamp you used.

Step 3: Upgrading your Weapon

See Atlan Weapons

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Crystal Mine 49.3S, 17.9E -- 6149
Halls of Metos 56.0S, 89.2W; 61.4S, 46.6W; 4.4S, 0.6W -- 02F3
Hidden Dungeon 21.3N, 53.9E -- 536A
Golem Sanctum N/A -- 02E1
Mount Ingot 67.7S, 28.5E -- 6448
Mysterious Cave 7.7N, 6.6E -- 014A




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Town Crier tells you, "News! Silencia, the mute archmage of the Mount Esper outpost, seems to have befriended a strange, tame magma golem."

Silencia the Archmage tells you, "..."
Combining motes

You combine the two motes into a larger sliver.

You combine the two slivers into a larger nugget.

You combine the two nuggets into a larger bar.

You combine the two bars into an ingot of high quality.

Update History

Shadows of the Past

  • Quest introduced.

Heart of Woe

  • Many improvements to Atlan Weapons set.
  • Minor Frost and Sparking stones moved to new locations.
  • Old heritage rumors replaced with store bought rumors.
  • Atlan Stones and Stone Tool no longer attuned and bonded.

Gears of Change

  • Glyph for two-handed spear added.

The Risen Princess

  • Atlan spear, staff, dagger and claw weapons retired.
  • Atlan two-handed spear changed to a sword.
  • Now only one weapon quality available (craft fail or succeed, no peerless, superior and fine)
  • Major Atlan Stones are now Attuned and Bonded.
  • All remaining weapons updated:
    • Major Atlan Stones now add Resistance Cleaving in the that stone's element.
    • Black Fire Stones now used to upgrade stoned weapons (old Black Fire weapons retired).
    • New Enhanced Black Fire Stone now further improves the the Black Fire upgraded weapons.


  • During the same month this quest was introduced it was possible to get a unique Shadow Stone in The Gauntlet (now retired).
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