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Aug Gem: Sir Bellas
Level: 125
Type: Solo
Starts With: Optional: Fiun Rehlyun
Starts At: Optional: 95.9N, 57.0W in Fiun Outpost
Repeat: 6 days
Contracts: Contract for Aug Gem: Sir Bellas


Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: The Augmentation Realm

  1. Obtain an Insatiable Eater Jaw from one of the four Eaters that drop the jaw at the bottom of Insatiable Vault near the exit portal (97.4N, 48.0W near Eastwatch).
  2. Give the jaw to Fiun Rehlyun and you can now access the Augmentation Realm.
  3. Navigate the realm dungeons until you reach the main level (see maps).
    • Tip: There is a portal near the end that many people choose to portal tie to for convenience and may be able to summon it provided they have handed in a jaw first.

Part 2: Defeating Sir Bellas

  1. At the end of the final dungeon is the Augmented Knight - Sir Bellas.
  2. Sir Bellas is a Knight, and equally vulnerable to all elements. His weapon is also hollow and so ignores Item Magic. He buffs himself randomly against magic if vulned/imperiled (counterbuffing). Use your best weapon against him. If you can Imperil and Vuln him, a Knight Slaying Sword (the Replica Sword of Bellenesse) will kill him quickly, but most any AR or CS weapon will do. You can also use Lightning. Without good melee defense he can be difficult to tank.
  3. Loot a Blank Augmentation Gem from Sir Bellas' corpse that you can then give to any Augmentation Trainer to get a gem that when used collects the xp and gives you the augmentation.
    • Note: If you make a mistake before using the gem, you can give it to any other Trainer for an exchange. See Augmentation Gems for a list of available augmentations, what they do, and where the NPCs are located.
  4. Killing Sir Bellas (or the other viamontians) also sometimes earns you one of the notes that can start the Assassin's Roost Quest. He no longer has an uber loot profile, but he does drop boss-level quantities of loot.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Insatiable Vault 97.4N, 48.0W -- 0096
Augmentation Realm Upper Level 95.0N, 47.1W -- 006D
Augmentation Realm Lower Level N/A -- 007D
Augmentation Realm Main Level N/A -- 0056




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Opening Dialog

Fiun Rehlyun tells you, "You wish to improve yourself? Enhance those abilities which might otherwise languish? Return to me the Jaw of the Insatiable. Prove yourself."
Handing in Insatiable Eater Jaw

You give Fiun Rehlyun Insatiable Eater Jaw.

Fiun Rehlyun tells you, "One who obtains such as this is truly worthy of that which we would teach. The highest peak of the deadliest isle contains that which you seek."

Fiun Rehlyun closes its eyes and whispers. You feel a subtle vibration within your chest for but a moment, then it is gone.
Defeating Sir Bellas

Sir Bellas tells you, "Peace..."

Sir Bellas tells you, "At last..."

Sir Bellas tells you, "Sleep..."

Update History

Throne of Destiny (expansion)

  • Quest introduced.

From the Darkest Depths

  • Repeat timer changed from 30 days to 27 days.

Unfinished Business

  • Repeat timer changed from 27 days to 21 days.

Stirrings in the Dark

  • Repeat timer changed from 21 days to 13 days.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 6 days.