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Augmented Drudge Kill Task
Level:  ??
Rec. Level: 60+
Type: Solo
Starts With: Jarvis Hammerstone
Starts At: 25.6N, 49.4E in Cragstone
Repeat: 20 Hours

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Jarvis will give you Cull the Drudges - a list of Drudges he wants culled from the local area.
  2. Kill 40 Augmented Drudges
  3. Return to Jarvis Hammerstone to receive your rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

No related dungeons.


Experience: 1,488,806 (20% up to level 55)
Titles: Augmented Hunter


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Opening Dialog

Jarvis Hammerstone tells you, "The Drudge raids have lessened since you brave souls have started defending the town."

Jarvis lowers his voice to a whisper.

Jarvis Hammerstone tells you, "I don't know what good the Royal Guard are, just standing around and making plans! They say the defense of Cragstone isn't under their charter. Pshaa! They can stuff there rules!"

Jarvis Hammerstone tells you, "The Healer, Avalenne, says she can see the Drudges building some sort of fortification to the West of town. Looks like they're still following that "Plan" of theirs that we uncovered. After all the trouble they caused recently, I don't relish the idea of having those thieving parasites as neighbors."

Jarvis Hammerstone tells you, "The Cragstone Elders have charged me with the task of getting rid of the drudges and I will reward you well if you can discover what they're doing in that fort of theirs."

Jarvis Hammerstone tells you, "In the meantime I need to rid the surrounding area of some of these Drudges. There seem to be more every day. Take this and come back to me when you have completed any of the tasks listed."

Jarvis Hammerstone gives you Cull the Drudges.

Jarvis Hammerstone tells you, "Come see me when you have killed all 40 Augmented Drudges."
Completing Kill Task

Update History

Prodigal Sons

  • Kill Task introduced.

Shattered Lines

  • Drudges relocated from the Cragstone proper to the fort just west of town.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.
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