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Introduced:  Fever Dreams Related Quests:  Buadren Quest, Invoker Quest Updated:  Across the Vast Divide
Aun Saritea
Non-Player Killer
Aun Saritea Live
Race Aun Tumerok
Location 82.8N 21.1E (Aun Settlement)
Level 50
Strength 240
Endurance 255
Coordination 280
Quickness 255
Focus 190
Self 190
Health 158
Stamina 265
Mana 190


  • Route: Take the Dagger Vale portal east of Arwic at 32.9N 59.4E. Run west to 82.8N 21.1E.
  • Will upgrade the old Invoker.

Lore & Dialog[]

Aun Saritea shivers and barely suppresses a sneeze.

Aun Saritea stands protectively in front of his fledgling akiekie.

Aun Saritea tells you, "I stand here to protect my Aun brothers while they fullfill the mission entrusted to them by Shimauri. Our ancient rivalry with the Hea still stands, and I have seen untold numbers of their xuta during our tour of this land. It shall be as I have sworn: they shall not stray near our small akiekie while I am on guard."
Aun Saritea tells you, "Aulakhe has continued his studies with the great one, Ispar Celdisethaua. He can now instill his Invokers with even more power. If he created one for you in the past, he has given me permission to exchange one of his newer ones for it."

You give Aun Saritea Invoker.
Aun Saritea tells you, "Ah yes, here you are."
Aun Saritea gives you Invoker.