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Introduced:  Dark Majesty Related Quests:  Palenqual's Living Weapons
Aun Shimauri
Non-Player Killer
Aun Shimauri Live
Race Tumerok
Location 46.7N 70.7W on the Manumet Plains
Level 50
Strength 230
Endurance 245
Coordination 270
Quickness 200
Focus 200
Self 210
Health 123
Stamina 245
Mana 210


  • Route: A portal to the middle of the plains can be found next to Bluespire at 40.0N 74.5W, and next to Plateau Village at 44.5N 41.8W.

Lore & Dialog[]

Aun Shimauri tells you, "Wharu take the Hea! They have stolen our precious totems. If you come across any Hea, you may dispatch them with the Aun's blessings. And if you should find one of our totems on them, bring it to me and I shall confide some of our secrets to you."