Introduced:  Discoveries Related Quests:  Halls of Knorr, Hieromancer's Armor


A set of armor acquired via the Halls of Knorr quest with no bonuses above those the pieces themselves cast.

The Auroric Exarch Armor is the "success" when attempting to imbue the helm with the Orb(s) of Infusion from the quest. The rest of the Exarch Plate set will become the Auroric Exarch Armor.

For the "failure" version of the helm/armor, see Luminescent Thaumaturgic Armor.



  • The color of each of the 4 pieces of the Auroric Exarch Armor is determined by the color of Orb of Infusion you use.
  • Auroric Exarch Armor is white with the orb-colored outlines. Luminescent Thaumaturgic Armor is a nearly-solid color scheme.
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