Introduced:  Gears of Change
Ayala bint'Shashqa
Non-Player Killer
Ayala bint'Shashqa Live
Race Female Gharu'ndim
Title Arcanum Tinkerer
Location 35.2N, 39.3E inside the Pet Shop
Level 200
Strength 290
Endurance 200
Coordination 290
Quickness 260
Focus 290
Self 200
Health 296
Stamina 396
Mana 396


Lore & Dialog

Ayala bint'Shashqa tells you, "I see you have not yet received my most glorious creation, the Bronze Wind-up Gear Knight! Allow me to rectify this oversight!"
Ayala bint'Shashqa gives you Bronze Gearknight Gear.
Ayala bint'Shashqa tells you, "Salutations! I am Ayala bint'Shashqa, the most skilled Tinkerer in the Arcanum! I have created the most glorious beings in Dereth, the Bronze Wind-up Gear Knights!"
Ayala bint'Shashqa tells you, "To those who were here to celebrate a decade in Dereth, I have been authorized by the Arcanum to give one of these fabulous creations!"
Ayala bint'Shashqa tells you, "To those who were not here for the 10th year in Dereth, or who have already received their wonderful companion, I am not authorized to give you anything at this time."
Ayala bint'Shashqa glances around, to make sure nobody is in earshot.
Ayala bint'Shashqa whispers to you, "Perhaps with the right parts, in time, I may be able to build something else on the side... The Arcanum doesn't have to know."
Ayala bint'Shashqa smiles conspiratorially

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