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  • This event took place in December 2000.
  • Bael visits towns and dungeons including Fort Tethana, Kara, Arwic Mines (Subway) and many more.
  • Bael uses his unique and extremely powerful spells on players who interrupt his monologues and conversations and also attack him. His pool of spells included powers such as Demon Fists, Portal to Teth and Weight of Eternity to name a few.
  • The Portal to Teth spell was also used to summon Cows that fell from the sky above Teth and other locations - inflicting massive bludgeoning damage on the poor unsuspecting victim below.
  • Players that converse with him or try to help him are buffed with powerful beneficial spells including Bile of the Hopeslayer, Boon of the Demon and Demon Skin.


  • On Darktide:
    • The Player Killer monarch, Blood, swore allegiance to Bael'Zharon during one of his visits to Kara (screenshot below).
    • The Anti-PKs or Anti's swore allegiance to Asheron.
    • Bael'Zharon was never killed.
  • During the fight on one server, Asheron was accidently killed by Bael when they fought in Plateau Village and the Dev controlling Bael had to quickly delete Asheron's corpse.


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Bael'Zharon's whispering darkness falls upon you. All of your secret horrors solidify in a terrible and familiar black form.

Bael'Zharon says, "My master has eaten worlds. It has sucked the light from stars. Its power is in me. You have no chance, children.

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