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Introduced:  The Madness of Men Related Quests:  The Forbidden Catacombs
Non-Player Killer
Bael'Zharon (NPC) Live.jpg
Race Male Aluvian
Title Wannabe
Location Inside the Greater Battle Dungeon
Level 111
Strength 130
Endurance 113
Coordination 125
Quickness 92
Focus 245
Self 261
Health 157
Stamina 213
Mana 461





Books, Paper



Spell Components

Trade Notes

Mana Stones

Alchemical Items


Bael'Zharon tells you, "Yes, my vassal, I will provide you the supplies you need, for a small fee."

Bael'Zharon tells you, "The life outside of Asheron's protection is a tough road and I can sell you the supplies you will need for your journey."

Bael'Zharon tells you, "I am Bael'Zharon, welcome to my lair"

Bael'Zharon tells you, "You're sure you won't need that? Well, ok, I'm sure I can find someone who will like it."

Bael'Zharon tells you, "Put that too good use and kill, kill, kill!"

Bael'Zharon tells you, "I'm sure one of my other vassals can use this"

Bael'Zharon tells you, "Some rat has taken some of my pants, but they don't know how to drop them, so it must be terribly hard to sell them!"

Bael'Zharon tells you, "Be strong my loyal follower of darkness!"

Bael'Zharon tells you, "Some of my sparring clothes seem to have up and walked away, but you buy from the source!"

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