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Naturally most banderlings are very weak, but ever since the early days of Dereth they have been a favorite test subject of the Virindi. Back then, the strongest natural Banderling was the Chief, but since then the line between altered and natural Banderling has been blurred.

Banderlings are the larger cousins of Drudges and Mosswarts, all of whom are distantly related to the Tumerok. They are even less intelligent than other humanoids, but make up for this with sheer brutality. They prefer to fight in small packs, using heavy weapons or their sharp claws. On average, they stand seven feet tall, though their chiefs are even larger. Forest-dwellers by nature, they can also be found in Hea Tumerok strongholds and dungeons near the Aluvian lands.[1][2][3][4]


On Ezheret

Banderlings originate from the world the Tumeroks call Ezheret-Hazahtu, although they only live on the body they call Ezheret. This requires some explanation. While a sun does rise and fall in the sky, Ezheret actually orbits another, larger planet called Hazahtu. Hazahtu, or “The Blind Eye,” is an enormous, cloud-shrouded grey-blue orb. Ezheret is hot, humid, and prone to extended periods of foul weather. Gales and hurricanes are frequent, perhaps due to the unusual sparseness of dry land.[5] Ezheret is a moon world capable of supporting several species. Three of these species appear to have better than animal intelligence, capable of crafting rudimentary tools and sustaining a limited form of speech.[6]

The Banderlings share Ezheret with the Tumeroks, as well as the Drudges and Mosswarts.[5] [6][5]Already on Ezheret, Banderlings and Mosswart were at odds with each other, and were involved in "Wanga" which probably means war or fight.[7] They seek to obtain each others holy or ceremonial items through trickery, trade or warfare.[8]

On Dereth

On Dereth, Banderlings tried to take over human settlements [2], sometimes with success.[9][10][11][12] They also took over some underground human [13] However, they were quite capable of establishing their own camps and forts.[14][15]

The vendetta between Mosswarts and Banderlings did not stop when the two species arrived on Dereth.[8] However, this changed after the Shadow Spires disappeared. A wave of fierce portal-energy squalls slid down the length of the Direlands, bringing with them fiercer varieties of banderling, shreth, and other familiar creatures. [16] Banderlings have learned to do bully lesser creatures. Reports came of mosswarts gathered under the banner of banderling camp chieftains. Banderlings and Mosswarts started working together to attack human settlements, and established camps throughout Dereth.[17] This did not last long however, since Banderlings attacked a band of Mosswarts which were involved in the kidnapping of Candeth Martine and stole some ceremonial Banderling items.[18][19][20]

A well-known Banderling Gertarh, was assassinated by Oswald during the Thorns of the Hopeslayer event.[21][22][23][24]

One of the results of Aerbax Prodigal experiments was the creation of Harraag, the Prodigal Banderling.[25][26] Harraag was kidnapped from the Hidden Cavern.[27] Though it seemed the altered Banderling adapted well, the Banderling themselves were highly resistant to following any being perceived as different from or from outside their species, and this included Harraag. The Banderlings gathered large numbers to drive it off, and Harraag retreated to a physical cave, and, surprisingly, "ripped a hole into Portalspace*" in which to escape. Because of its unanticipated abilities, Aerbax did not perceive this experiment as a total failure, but decided to leave Harraag for now. [26][28]



The banderlings know chiefs as well as Champions. One of the Chiefs known by name is Chief Grogbash, another one Dnaraag.[2][29] Succession takes place by challenging a former leader.[2] A legendary Banderling Champion during enemeties between Mosswarts and Banderlings was Vagurat[30][31]

Religions and Beliefs

Banderlings burn their dead to send their soul to the Sun.[2] They believe in (unnamed) gods.[2] They carve Statues and Idols, build shrines and create "holy symbols"[32]

Customs and Traditions

Banderlings are hunters, who prefer to live in ruins. They hunt Aurochs and Mites and use their hides. They know how to work stone. [2] They have strong family ties and the bonds towards their young are very strong.[33]

Banderlings also enslaved Drudges[34], who behold a grudge against them because of this.[35][36]

They are literate, but not able to express themselves as good as the other creatures from Ezheret.[17][28][37]

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