Introduced:  Now In This Hush Related Quests:  Bandit Hilt Quest Updated:  Master of Arms
Bandit Blade Hilt
Bandit Blade Hilt Icon
  • Value: 10
  • Burden: 25
  • Affix this hilt to a loot-generated dagger or light sword to give the weapon multi-strike capability. Using this on an already augmented weapon will destroy the hilt.
  • A well-balanced blade hilt.


  • The Bandit Hilt was originally the only way to obtain a multi-strike "bandit" weapon by using it on loot daggers such as Dagger, Knife, Jambiya and Khanjar and light swords such as Sword, Rapier, Short Sword, Yaoji, Simi and Spadas.
  • The hilt is now retired as some Loot weapons can now be found already with the property:
    • Heavy Weapons: Stiletto, Jambiya, Schlager (similiar to Rapier swords)
    • Light Weapons: Daggers, Epees (similiar to Rapier swords)
    • Finesse Weapons: Lancet, Knife, Rapier

Notes on Hilted Weapons

  • You can remove a Hilt by attaching another Bandit Hilt to the weapon (although the hilt is destroyed in the process).
  • For double-strike, your base skill needs to be 250+. For daggers, if your base skill is 325+, you will have triple-strike ability. Swords cannot do triple-strike.
  • To multi-strike with a weapon, set your power near maximum when fighting.
  • Older Tier 6 and below Bandit weapons are Attuned and Bonded once the hilt has been attached.
  • Newer Tier 7 Bandit weapons are NOT Attuned or Bonded after the hilt is attached.
  • All non-elemental Bandit Weapons do piercing damage when used with a shield. Without the shield all non-elemental Bandit Weapons do slashing damage except the Rapier sword which always does piercing damage.
  • Elemental Bandit Weapons always do elemental damage with or without shields.
  • Hilted weapons with a wield requirement of 370+ may now be tinkered either before or after hilting. Note that failing a tinker or imbue on a hilted dagger still destroys it and the hilt as well, so imbuing and tinkering before hilting is recommended. PLEASE NOTE: A weapon with a wield requirement of less than 370 cannot be hilted if it has already been tinkered!
  • You can readily identify a high-level weapon that can be hilted because it will be Ivoryable.
  • The Lucky White Rabbit's Foot and Gem of Spectral Force CANNOT be applied to hiltable weapons before or after they are hilted.
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