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This castle is located in the northeast of Osteth just outside the mountains that surround the Olthoi North. It was originally inhabited by a group that was kicked out of Cragstone and took up residence in the castle. Later a disagreement amongst those in that group led some to go west to Foster's Fort, which they renamed Neydisa Castle after their leader. Bandit Castle is currently the home of a group of Bandits led by MacDugal.



To Bandit Castle[]

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Eotensfang 42.4N, 60.5E Bandit Castle 65.0N, 49.3E None
Desert March 22.6N, 28.8W (Northern Section) Bandit Castle 65.0N, 49.3E --
Mattekar Cave 65.4N, 16.7E Bandit Castle 65.0N, 49.3E --

From Bandit Castle[]

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Bandit Castle 64.9N, 49.4E Eotensfang 42.3N, 60.5E None
Bandit Castle 61.7N, 48.6E Vesayen Islands 72.5S, 81.3E None

Points of Interest[]

Landscape POIs[]


  • 66.4N, 49.9E - in Courtyard


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Bandit Castle Prison 66.5N, 49.9E -- 01E2
Small Icecave 67.5N, 50.3E -- 01E6


NPC Name Location Type Details
Gillian the Poacher 66.3N, 49.9E Crafter Wisp Hearts
Alison Dulane 66.4N, 49.8E Quest Augmentation Gems
Barkeep Gorth 66.5N, 49.9E Shopkeeper Barkeeper
Gwillim, the Apprentice 66.4N 50.0E Quest Feud of Neydisa and Bandit Castle
Jourgensson 66.3N, 50.0E Quest Feud of Neydisa and Bandit Castle
Journeyman Cook (Bandit Castle) 66.5N, 50.0E Quest Crafter Quest
Karwin, the Lunatic 66.4N, 50.0E Quest Undead Mechanic Quest
Kiriel Shadowborn 66.3N, 50.5E Quest Dark Isle Flagging, Raising Grael's Island
MacDugal 66.4N, 50.0E Quest Bandit Hilt Quest
Melia Thorn the Archmage 66.4N 49.9E Shopkeeper Archmage
Provisioner Murdo 66.3N, 49.8E Shopkeeper Provisioner
Shanrek the Forger 66.5N, 49.9E Quest Counterfeit Writ
Shi Ki-Yong the Armorer 66.5N, 49.8E Shopkeeper Armorer

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