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Barkeep Jubal al-Baljad
Non-Player Killer
Barkeep Jubal al-Baljad Live
Race Male Gharu'ndim
Title Barkeeper
Location 21.7S, 1.6W in Yaraq
Level 5
Strength 100
Endurance 80
Coordination 90
Quickness 80
Focus 45
Self 20
Health 140
Stamina 210
Mana 80


  • Route: See Yaraq
  • Sells at 135%, buys at 90%.
  • See Barkeeper for other similar shopkeepers





Cooking Items

Lore & Dialog


Barkeep Jubal al-Baljad tells you, "Welcome to the Cerulean Cove! Are you thirsty, friend traveler?"

Buying From

Barkeep Jubal al-Baljad tells you, "Have you heard about the merchant al-Luq's young daughter, Mara? Quite a beauty, and a wonderful baker."

arkeep Jubal al-Baljad tells you, "Can I get you something more? Perhaps one of our famous Cove Apple Ciders?"

Selling To

Barkeep Jubal al-Baljad tells you, "You have the bargaining tongue of the Poet, friend!"

Barkeep Jubal al-Baljad tells you, "I don't believe what the scholars say about the so-called 'Sea Temple.' It faces the sea, but it also faces the heart of the Direlands."


Barkeep Jubal al-Baljad tells you, "Come back soon, and tell your friends of our hospitality!"

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