Introduced:  Release
Barkeep Mae Lilidag
Non-Player Killer
Barkeep Mae Lilidag Live
Race Female Aluvian
Title Barkeeper
Location 33.4N, 56.8E in Arwic
Level 7
Strength 60
Endurance 40
Coordination 70
Quickness 80
Focus 50
Self 30
Health 65
Stamina 130
Mana 60




Books, Paper


Lore & Dialog


Barkeep Mae Lilidag tells you, "Now I know that I have been saying that business was not bad before, and that depression leads people to the tavern. But I must admit that celebration is another great cause for merriment. Thanks be to the High Queen for this gift of a new Arwic!"

Buying From

Barkeep Mae Lilidag tells you, "Enjoy it!"

Selling To

Barkeep Mae Lilidag tells you, "You have yourself a deal."


Barkeep Mae Lilidag tells you, "No more shadows here. I even hear that Nuhmudira is going to build a school here soon."

Retired (from Twilight's Gleaming)

Mae Lilidag tells you, "Sure, I lost my bar, but I'm not worried. Things always work out..."

Mae Lilidag tells you, "A word of advice, friend: I wouldn't be buying any land in the near future."

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