Introduced:  Throne of Destiny
Barkeeper Mallia Quios
Non-Player Killer
Barkeeper Mallia Quios Live
Race Female Viamontian
Title Barkeeper
Location 87.3N 70.3W in Silyun
Level 10
Strength 45
Endurance 50
Coordination 55
Quickness 60
Focus 40
Self 35
Health 135
Stamina 140
Mana 155


  • Route: See Silyun
  • See Barkeeper for similar shopkeepers.
  • Sells at 170%, buys at 80%.


Pyreal Icon Pyreal


Books, Paper


Trade Notes

Lore & Dialog

Barkeeper Mallia Quios's dialog does not differ between Viamontians and non-Viamontians.


Barkeeper Mallia Quios tells you, "I know lots of things that happen around here. For the right price I'd be willing to share some of this information."

Buying From

Barkeeper Mallia Quios tells you, "Enjoy!"

Selling To

Barkeeper Mallia Quios tells you, "What am I going to do with this junk?"


Barkeeper Mallia Quios tells you, "I'll do some more digging. Perhaps I'll have some new rumors when next you visit."

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