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Introduced:  The Widening Gyre Related Quests:  Arcane Pedestal Quest, Olthoi Queen Quest
Bartholomew Steiner
Non-Player Killer
Bartholomew Steiner Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title Master Furniture Maker
Location 24.6N, 47.1E near Cragstone
Level 28
Strength 120
Endurance 100
Coordination 200
Quickness 140
Focus 200
Self 120
Health 125
Stamina 210
Mana 175


  • Route: Using the Town Network, take the portal to Cragstone from the north hall.
  • Bartholomew can turn various quest items into furniture.

Crafter Turn Ins

Accepted Items Rewards
Experience Pyreals Items
Pyreal Bell Icon Pyreal Bell
Pyreal Bell Icon Pyreal Bell
Unframed map of Dereth Icon Unframed map of Dereth
Dereth Map Icon Dereth Map

Lore & Dialog

Bartholomew Steiner tells you, "Good day to you! I am Bartholomew, though my friends call me Bart. After I get set up here, I'll start taking certain items and making them into furniture.

You give Bartholomew Steiner Pyreal Bell.
Bartholomew Steiner tells you, "Yes, I can mount this for you. Just promise not to ring the thing after it get's dark. There's nothing more disturbing than a bell ringing out in the night."
The Master Furniture Maker mounts the bell onto a sturdy post.
Bartholomew Steiner gives you Pyreal Bell.

Bartholomew Steiner tells you, "You might want that crack in the bell looked at sometime."

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