The Battle of Ayn Tayan was a titanic three-day battle between undead and Shadow.[1] The location is known as the Battlefield of Ayn Tayan or Hill of Pines.

The undead side included Kelannik, Jaera, the Sand Kings Nerash and Anadil, and also Aerfalle and Geraine from the Dericost faction Filinuvekta. [1]

On the Shadows side was Bael'Zharon and the Haebran warrior Leikotha Arenir who sided with the Shadows "under the sway of Ferah's poison whispers" and seeking revenge for being turned undead by Nerash. [1]

Nerash was slain by Leikotha during the battle. The four cairns and the green mist on the battlefield mark where Nerash was killed.[1] Lady Jaera also fought beside Nerash at the end but was killed by Bael'Zharon himself. Though Nerash perished, the companies of Kelannik, Anadil, and Nerash crushed the survivors. Only Leikotha escaped.[1] She however, lost her sword, Ashbane, on the battlefield.[2]

Leikotha can now be found in her crypt, still looking for a way to get rid of the curse. The human Wari al Sha'im tried to help her, but was turned into an undead himself.[3] Her sword can be found in the Lady of Aerlinthe's Chest, which indicates that Aerfalle took it with her from the battlefield.

Kelannik survived the battle, and retreated to the desert, where decay slowly set in.[4] He can now be found as a skeleton inside the Burial Temple behind a lever activated door. [5]

Lady Jaera's Tomb is found in the Mage Academy.

A Shadow Spire (thorn) was also present at the battle which was destroyed by Lord Anadil.[6]


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