Introduced:  Release Updated:  Waking From the Abyss
Belt Pouch
Belt Pouch (Brown) Icon
  • Value: 65
  • Burden: 15
  • Use this item to close it.
  • Can hold up to 24 items.


  •  ??

Sold By

NPC Cost Town/Area Coordinates
Archmage Ta Ri 117 Stonehold 69.0N, 21.7W
Fiun Archmage 117 Fiun Outpost 95.7N, 56.7W
Merchant (18.1S, 56.9W) (Merchant) 101 18.1S, 56.9W - Merchant's Tent 18.1S, 56.9W
Merchant (30.7S, 72.1E) (Merchant) 101 30.7S, 72.1E - Merchant's House 30.7S, 72.1E
Merchant (41.7N, 35.2E) (Merchant) 101 41.7N, 35.2E - Merchant's Hut 41.7N, 35.2E
Merchant (75.5N 10.6E) (Merchant) 101 75.5N 10.6E - Vendor House 75.5N 10.6E
Merchant (76.6N, 6.0W) (Merchant) 101 76.6N, 6.0W - Igloo 76.6N, 6.0W
Merchant (Baishi Fort) (Merchant) 101 48.6S, 60.0E - Baishi Fort 48.6S, 60.0E
Merchant (Eastham) (Merchant) 101 Merchant Cellar 26.3N, 63.9E
Merchant (Heartland) (Merchant) 101 8.9N, 43.4E - Merchant's House and Lifestone 8.9N, 43.4E
Merchant (Mountain Retreat) (Merchant) 101 Mountain Retreat 59.7N, 4.1W
Merchant (Nanto) (Merchant) 101 57.4S, 80.3E - Roadside Vendors 57.4S, 80.3E
Merchant (Night Club) (Merchant) 101 Night Club
Merchant (Samsur) (Merchant) 101 Samsur 4.5S, 23.6E
Merchant (Simda'r) (Merchant) 101 80.7S, 19.7E - Tent 80.7S, 19.7E
Merchant (Small Cave) (Merchant) 101 Samsur 4.1S, 17.3E
Merchant (South Direlands Midland) (Merchant) 101 88.1S, 60.9W - Merchant Tent 88.1S, 60.9W
Merchant (South Direlands) (Merchant) 101 82.4S, 34.3W - Merchant and Lifestone 82.4S, 34.3W
Merchant (Wilderness Fort) (Merchant) 101 Wilderness Fort 23.5N, 7.7W
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