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Bestowers' Guild of Dereth
Level: Any
Type: Solo
Starts At: Eastham (17.0N, 63.3E),
Qalaba'r (73.9S, 19.1E)
or Lin (53.9S, 74.4E)
Repeat: 20 Hours


  • Note: though many of the skills became non-existent after the Master of Arms event, the Skill Puzzle Pieces sold by the Bestower Representative have not been updated. However, each now corresponds to the updated weapons skills, so it is still possible to use each one.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. To start this quest go to one of the three Bestower Tents (see infobox for coords), and pick up a Skill Puzzle Base Piece.
  2. In each town there is a Bestower Representative; a vendor that sells the Bestowers' Guild puzzle skill pieces (see below) for 10,000 pyreals and a Handbook of the Bestowers' Guild for 5 pyreals.
  3. You will need to pick which puzzle skill piece you want, and you will need to be trained in that skill in order to combine the Skill Puzzle Base Piece and the Bestowers' Guild Puzzle Skill Piece.
  4. After you purchase a skill piece, simply use the base piece on it to create a completed skill puzzle.
  5. Give the completed skill puzzle to the Bestower Examiner for your rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

No quest dungeons.




Skill Base Title Advanced Title
Missile Weapons Sharpshooter Deadeye
Missile Weapons Sniper Sureshot
Missile Weapons Ballisteer Projectilist
Light Weapons Axe Warrior Skullsplitter
Finesse Weapons Dagger Fighter Slicer
Light Weapons Mace Warrior Skullcrusher
Light Weapons Spear Warrior Impaler
Light Weapons Staff Warrior Master of Staves
Heavy Weapons Swordfighter Duelist
Light Weapons Unarmed Brawler Pugilist
Alchemy Apothecary Alchemist
Cooking Chef Iron Chef
Fletching Fletcher Master Fletcher
War Magic War Adept Warlock
Life Magic Life Adept Theurgist
Item Enchantment Item Adept Artifex
Creature Enchantment Creature Adept Evoker


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Caranis the Dependable (Eastham)

Caranis the Dependable tells you, "Have you come for instructions or for puzzle pieces? I can sell you either..."

Caranis the Dependable tells you, "Have a pleasant day, and good luck with your application."
Eluard the Namer (Eastham)

Eluard the Namer tells you, "Welcome to the Aluvian branch of the Bestowers' Guild. We have chartered ourselves to bestow titles upon worthy applicants. My assistant Caranis sells instructions and skill puzzle pieces. On the other side of the room, u can find the base piece for the skill puzzle.. But you may only attempt the test once per day, and you may only hold one title at a time."
Naba Ko-Zin (Lin)

Naba Ko-Zin tells you, "Have you come seeking instructions or puzzle pieces? I sell what you need for your examination at the branch of the Guild of Bestowers."

Naba Ko-Zin tells you, "Best Wishes."

Naba Ko-Zin tells you, "Good travels."
Jaizen Tan (Lin)

Jaizen Tan tells you, "I am the examiner here at the Sho outpost of the Bestowers' Guild. Please speak with Naba Ko-Zin if you wish to arrange for an examination. The base piece of the skill puzzle is available in the other corner of this tent. Be warned, however, that the test can only be taken once per day, and one may only be called by one title."
Nerezi ibn Risad (Qalaba'r)

Nerezi ibn Risad tells you, "I sell instructions and puzzle pieces to applicants here at the Guild of Bestowers."

Nerezi ibn Risad tells you, "Fare well, friend."
Darsida al-Qawa (Qalaba'r)

Darsida al-Qawa tells you, "Hail and welcome to the Gharu'ndim branch of the Bestowers' Guild. Have you come to seek a title? Speak with Nerezi, my assistant, to learn about our application process. The base piece for the examination is available in the tent. But beware, you will only be allowed to conduct the examination once per day, and you can only hold one title at a time."
Other messages

You've assembled a completed puzzle.

Attention, all! Let it be known that [character] has proven worth to be called [title]!

Update History

The Changing of the Ways

  • Quest introduced.

Lost in the New Horizon

  • Hat rewards added for advanced cooking, fletching and alchemy skill levels.

A Change in Tactics

  • You can now aquire multiple titles (introduction of title panel).
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