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Black Coral Collection
Level: 180
Society Rank: Adept
Type: Solo
Starts With: Hidoshi Kawara (CH)
Manto Sakara (EW)
Daisei Chirana (RB)
Starts At: Faction Stronghold (east wing)
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Black Coral Collection

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Speak to the listed NPC in your Faction Stronghold in the east wing.
  2. Head to Dark Isle and run around the black inland area and look for Black Coral, located on the ground throughout the landscape.
  3. Once you collect 10 Black Coral, return to the NPC in your Faction Stronghold for your rewards.


  • Most Black Coral is found in the colorful Coral Forest areas, near the Ruschk Iceberg and also near the Fanatical Mukkir Cave.

Dungeons & Maps

No related dungeons.


Complete task for the Celestial Hand
Experience: 15,000,000 (Fixed)
Luminance: 2,000
Complete task for the Eldrytch Web
Experience: 15,000,000 (Fixed)
Luminance: 2,000
Complete task for the Radiant Blood
Experience: 15,000,000 (Fixed)
Luminance: 2,000


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Dialog for other societies is identical

Opening Dialog

Hidoshi Kawara tells you, "Come here. I would have a task for you to complete."
Hidoshi Kawara tells you, "There is, upon the Dark Isle, a new kind of coral that has begun to appear - a black coral, radiating the power of the now-departed Grael."
Hidoshi Kawara tells you, "We must determine what to do with this power - if it is safe to utilize, or if it must be destroyed."
Hidoshi Kawara tells you, "Bring exactly ten of this black coral to me. Any more and you risk damaging yourself."

Speaking with NPC after Completing Task

Hidoshi Kawara tells you, "This is sufficient. I shall take them from you."
You hand over all of your Black Corals.
Hidoshi Kawara tells you, "In a week, it will be safe for you to collect more. In the meantime, take this reward with my appreciation."
Hidoshi Kawara gives you 15 Celestial Hand Commendation Ribbons.
Hidoshi Kawara gives you 4 Celestial Hand Trade Tokens.

Update History

Ancient Powers

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 2 days 20 hours to 20 hours.
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