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Black Death Catacombs Quiddity Seed Quest
Level: 130
Type: Solo
Starts With: Emissary of Asheron (Optional)
Starts At: Asheron's Castle
Route: Eastham to Asheron's Island portal at 17.9N, 64.3E.
Repeat: 20 Hours


Aerbax used strange Virindi magic to try to erase the memory of the defeat of the Olthoi Queen from the minds of the Isparians in an attempt to break their spirits and make them more easily controlled. This quest replays events from the past, starting several years before the defeat of the Dereth Olthoi Queen, Starting with the point when Elysa first escaped the olthoi nest she was held captive in and met Thorsten Cragstone for the first time. It follows them to the Underground City where the Aluvian Resistance was headquartered, to Asheron's Castle where Elysa first met Asheron, and into the Black Death Catacombs where Cragstone was killed by the Olthoi Queen and Elysa used her enchanted arrow to defeat the Queen.

Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: 1st Strange Device

  1. Make your way to the 1st Strange Device at 21.9N, 19.0E
    • Route: Use the Teleportation Device (the quest hub), and enter the 40 Bellig tower base, then run to the Strange Device at 21.9N 19.0E
  2. Using the device spawns a "ghost" of Elysa Strathelar and Thorsten Cragstone, a reflection of their first encounter. Some olthoi will also spawn.
  3. You must kill all the Olthoi. When you have killed them several gems, called Elysa's Hope, will spawn around the device. more gems spawn if all are picked up.

Part 2: 2nd Strange Device

  1. Go to the 2nd Strange Device found in the Underground City.
    • The place where the words of the past were found refers to Elysa discovering Empyrean texts within the Underground City. You can reach the Underground City by taking the portal in the Abandoned Mine or taking the Isle of Tears portal (25.2N, 49.9E) in Cragstone and running to the city at 21.3N, 53.9E.
  2. The 2nd device is located in the area marked on the map as lvl -1. It is in the side room that does not contain the surface portal. If you are able to jump a whole level in dungeons, you can reach it quickly from the drop point by jumping on to the balcony just forward and to the left of the drop. Otherwise you will have to work your way through the dungeon.
  3. When you use the device Elysa and Cragstone will appear again, and have a conversation about the texts Elysa has discovered. When they are done, Elysa's Resolve gems will appear on the floor.
  4. Combine the two gems to form Elysa's Partial Reflection.

Part 3: 3rd Strange Device

  1. Go to 3rd Strange Device located at 21.2N, 69.2E
  2. The home of Light refers to Asheron's castle. Take the portal in Eastham near the windmill to reach Asheron's Isle and then take the portal device at the drop to reach his castle. The device is just outside the door. Use it to watch Elysa and Thorsten discover Asheron's Castle and see Elsya teleport away into Asheron's Sanctum. After Elysa returns outside they will speak once more before giving you another clue. Elysa's Courage gems then appear on the floor.
  3. Combine the two gems to form Elysa's Incomplete Reflection.

Part 4: 4th Strange Device

  1. The 4th Strange Device is also found in the Underground City.
  2. The tomb of past warriors refers to Thorsten Cragstone's Tomb, found in the Underground City. Simply follow the directions on the map labeled "Shortest path to Hidden Dungeon" and stop in room with Thorsten's tomb. The Device is located on above this room, and you can reach it by jumping from one of the open windows.
  3. Once the apparitions of Elysa and Thorsten disappear, Elysa's Determination gems will appear.
  4. One again combine the two gems to form Elysa's Phantasmal Arrow.

Part 5: Black Death Catacombs Quiddity Seed

  1. You must now go to the Black Death Catacombs Quiddity Seed found in the Black Death Catacombs. The Quiddity Seed is located behind the portal to the Paradox-touched Olthoi Queen's lair.
  2. You will be portaled into a completely black version of the old Black Death Catacomb (before it was split up by portals) with purple mist on the ground. The dungeon is full of virindi and more of the ghost Olthoi. Note that players can run through these olthoi, but the olthoi also can stack on top of eachother.
  3. You will notice you are not dropped in the normal drop point or where the seed was located in the regular dungeon. If you are looking at the map of the Black Death Catacomb and the Lower Corridor, you are in the Lower Corridor, in the only room with a split level (a place where you can jump up or down a level). Note that the ACMaps map has drawn this room incorrectly so the ledge is not where it appears on the map.
  4. Elysa is back up where the Quiddity Seed is in the regular dungeon. To reach her, take the passage south and simply hug the right wall from the drop - do not jump down to the lower level. Give Elysa the arrow to see the Thorsten's final moments replayed.
  5. After the scene is done and the queen dies, Head of the Apparition Olthoi Queen will appear on the ground. Pick it up and bring it back to Asheron.
    • Optional: Pickup Execution Log of Strathelar Modification from the floor here.
    • Note: if you are doing this with a group, you must wait 30 seconds between hand ins to make sure everyone gets the olthoi head. If you want to get the text from this quest, it is located in the dream BDC where the surface portal/drop point would be in the regular BDC.
  6. Give the head to Emissary of Asheron for your rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Underground City 21.9N, 19.0E -- 01E9
Black Death Catacombs Quiddity Seed 59.9N, 71.2E -- 5E45


Give Head of the Apparition Olthoi Queen to Emissary of Asheron
Experience: 81,207,858 (25% up to level 150)
Titles: Warrior of the Past
Give Empowered Bracers to Asheron's Servant
Experience: 16,241,571 (5% up to level 150)


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Opening Dialog

Emissary of Asheron tells you, "Welcome, I'm glad you've come."

Emissary of Asheron tells you, "Let's see if you have had any success with the Quiddity Seeds I told you of."

Emissary of Asheron tells you, "The first Quiddity Seed lies in the Planar Collegium in the Lyceum at Knorr."

Emissary of Asheron tells you, "The second alludes me. Speak with the Aun Tumeroks at Fort Tethana."

Emissary of Asheron tells you, "The third is known to an apparition in the Northern Desert."

Using the 1st Strange Device
Elysa Strathelar says, "Must not catch me...must stay ahead of them..."
Thorsten Cragstone says, "Wait a second, lassie - we're comin' ta get ya!"
Thorsten Cragstone says, "Alright, boys! Let's be squashin' some bugs for the lady!"
Elysa Strathelar says, "No! Not back to the caverns! I'll die first!"
Elysa Strathelar says, "Thank Pwyll! Give me a weapon and I'll help!"

A female whisper on the wind says, "Seek resolve in the place where the words of the past were found."
Using the 2nd Strange Device
Thorsten Cragstone says, "Lass...I brought ye some tea. It's not good, but it's the best we be gettin' from the surface."
Elysa Strathelar says, "Lemongrass is fine, Thorsten. Thank you."
Thorsten Cragstone says, "Ye be welcome, m'love."
Elysa Strathelar says, "Thorsten, come here and look at this paper."
Thorsten Cragstone says, "Well, lassie, truth be - I canna read."
Elysa Strathelar says, "Oh...well, I'll teach you. But later. This writing is like nothing that I've ever seen before. It's not Roulean, not any of the scripts of far off lands - not even similar. I've figured out a way to translate it, though."
Thorsten Cragstone says, "Oh? What's it say?"
Elysa Strathelar says, "This word seems like it would sound like...'Empyrean''s another culture, maybe a culture we can contact for help with the Olthoi!"
Thorsten Cragstone says, "We've been over this before, lass - there's too many ta fight. We can stay here, safe..."
Elysa Strathelar says, "No, Thorsten...we will free our people...we must. There's directions to another one of those portals that leads to an island. If I read this right, there's a man named...'Asheron', I think. He's supposed to be the master of a school of powerful magic...surely his magic can help against the Olthoi!"
Thorsten Cragstone says, "I dinna think so...the magics that our people know do nothing against 'em, and wouldn't this Asheron have fought the Olthoi off if he could've?"
Elysa Strathelar says, "Perhaps he doesn't know how prolific they are, perhaps he doesn't even know we're here...either way, I intend to go there, with or without you."
Thorsten Cragstone says, "Ye mean this, lass?"
Elysa Strathelar says, "Yes. I cannot be content to live here under the earth when our people still live in thrall."
Thorsten Cragstone says, "Alright, lass. I'll go with ye to visit this...Asheron.

A female whisper on the wind says, "Seek courage in the home of light."
Using the 3rd Strange Device
Elysa Strathelar says, "Where is the key..."
Thorsten Cragstone says, "I think we be wastin' our time, m'dear. If whoever be inside be at all interested in talkin', they be doin' a good job o' hidin' it."
Elysa Strathelar says, "Nonsense...I will not believe that this place is uninhabited."
Elysa Strathelar says, "Whoever's in there - open up! I won't go away! You must listen to us, of the plight of our people! We were summoned here by strange portals, an unknown magic we have never seen be-"
Thorsten Cragstone says, "Lass, ye've returned! I was worried for ye, but I dinna know how ta enter..."
Elysa Strathelar says, "It is alright, Thorsten...there was nothing you could've done. Thorsten, I have done it! I have met the sorcerer in his tower! It is a wondrous place. He is a man of few words though."
Thorsten Cragstone says, "What did he say, lass?"
Elysa Strathelar says, "Just one thing - "You must find the Queen and slay her.""
Thorsten Cragstone says, "And how d'we do that?"
Elysa Strathelar says, "I think with this..."
Thorsten Cragstone says, "What be that?"
Elysa Strathelar says, "I think it's a sort of poison, maybe. I think we should try it on our weapons when we fight the Olthoi."
Thorsten Cragstone says, "I dinna think we're ready for an open confrontation quite yet...but if it be true, if it be the first step, maybe..."

A female whisper on the wind says, "Seek determination in the tomb of past warriors."
Using the 4th Strange Device
Elysa Strathelar says, "Pay heed me words, brave warriors of Aluvia! Today is the day we have dreamt of! We have our destiny in our hands!"
Elysa Strathelar says, "We have found the Queen of the Olthoi, the heart of the darkness we have fought for so long! We can reach her, and if we can reach her, we can slay her!"
Elysa Strathelar says, "Do you remember your families, your friends, all held in slavery for so long? Today is the day we march forward to free them!"
Elysa Strathelar says, "There is no fury in the world like the Aluvians marching to war. Let us show the Olthoi the steel of Aluvian hearts! Let their death scream echo in their caverns, until finally we have met the Olthoi Queen in her dark majesty and ended her reign!"
Elysa Strathelar says, "Let the horns of our ancestors sound triumphant! We march to war!"

A female whisper on the wind says, "And now, in the must seek the end to my story, and the beginning to the story of humanity upon Dereth."
Giving Elysa's Phantasmal Arrow to Elysa Strathelar
Elysa Strathelar says, "Thorsten? Where are you? I cannot see what has happened in here..."
Elysa Strathelar says, "Thorsten!"
Thorsten Cragstone says, "Ye foul fiend!"
Elysa Strathelar says, "You! Die, now!"

A female whisper on the wind says, "...and that was the end of my story, hunter...while the swarm still exists, it never again held this land in thrall. And so, one queen gave way to another. Remember an enemy, but as a worthy enemy..."
Other Messages

You bring the two gems into close proximity, and they fuse into one.

You bring the two gems into close proximity, and they fuse into one.

You bring the two gems into proximity. They both give off a small pop and vanish in clouds of purple mist. The mist coalesces into a ghostly arrow tipped with a small dab of black goo.
Opening Dialog (Retired)

Asheron tells you, "Welcome, I'm glad you've come."

Asheron tells you, "From my observations and from reports I've received from your Queen I believe that Aerbax is attempting something quite unheard of."

Asheron tells you, "It would seem our enemy has been tampering with the collective memories of three critical events in the past. He has built three dream structures using Quiddity Seeds to allow him to attack these memories and change our perspective in the present."

Asheron tells you, "The first Quiddity Seed is in Knorr where I first summoned the portals that sent my people into portal space."

Asheron tells you, "The second Quiddity Seed's location still alludes me. I believe that the Aun Tumeroks may have more experience in locating these dream structures. Visit Fort Tethana where an emissary of the Tumeroks has been sent to meet you."

Asheron tells you, "The third and final Quiddity Seed was not found by my divinations. I only have a vague idea of what memory may be at risk. Seek out an apparition in the Northern Desert who I have been told will help you."

Asheron tells you, "Do not take these tasks lightly. Our memories form the way we see the world around us. Change our memories and change reality. This is a very real threat."

Asheron tells you, "If Aerbax succeeds we may not even remember we were trying to stop him."
Rewards (Retired)

You give Asheron Head of the Apparition Olthoi Queen .

Asheron tells you, "What is this that you give me, Isparian?"

Asheron tells you, "It is like the head of the old Olthoi Queen, but insubstantial. Tell me how you came about this?"

You detail your pursuit of Elysa's remembrances.

Asheron tells you, "It would seem that Aerbax's minion have been manipulating the memory of the defeat of the Olthoi Queen. Perhaps Aerbax thought that it would prove easier to turn the Isparians if they were still held in bondage to the Olthoi."

Asheron tells you, "There is a strange core to the Olthoi head...I have extracted it for your use."

Asheron gives you Quiddity Ingot.

Asheron gives you Empowered Bracers of the Perfect Light.

You've earned 131,000,000 experience.

Asheron tells you, "Elysa is safe. You have restored the past to what should be, and I believe Aerbax will not be able to gain a foothold against you through that means. Elysa is safe, but more importantly, all of your kind is safe by your actions."

Asheron looks down at you with a warm friendliness.

For valor and bravery in the face of the unknown I award [Player Name] the title "Warrior of the Past."

You allow Asheron to examine your Empowered Bracers of the Perfect Light.

Asheron tells you, "Perhaps you would rather have some experience in exchange for this?"

Asheron tells you, "Very well."

You hand over 1 of your Empowered Bracers of the Perfect Lights.

You've earned 16,241,571 experience.

Update History


  • Quest introduced.

The Beast With Many Heads

  • Asheron NPC replaced with Emissary of Asheron NPC.

What Once was Lost

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.
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