Introduced:  Heart of Woe
Black Hill Trophy Smith
Non-Player Killer
Black Hill Trophy Smith Live
Race Female Gharu'ndim
Title Trophy Collector
Location 62.2S, 50.4W on Small Black Hill
Level 8
Strength 75
Endurance 75
Coordination 70
Quickness 80
Focus 55
Self 65
Health 128
Stamina 195
Mana 105


Crafter Turn Ins

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Accepted Items Rewards
Experience Pyreals Items
Auroch Horn Icon Auroch Horn 1,000?? 1,000 None
Basalt Blade Icon Basalt Blade 11,250
Obsidian Axe Icon Obsidian Axe
Black Rock Icon Black Rock 11,250
Health Elixir Icon Health Elixir (10)
Black Stone Icon Black Stone 7,500
Mana Elixir Icon Mana Elixir (10)
Bronze Armoredillo Spine Icon Bronze Armoredillo Spine 2,000??
Spine Axe Icon Spine Axe
Copper Heart Icon Copper Heart 2,500?? 2,000 None
Diamond Heart Icon Diamond Heart 7,500
Diamond Scarab Icon Diamond Scarab (3)
Fire Auroch Horn Icon Fire Auroch Horn 3,000?? 1,500 None
Glacial Golem Heart Icon Glacial Golem Heart 4,000?? 2,500 None
Gold Golem Heart Icon Gold Golem Heart 4,800?? 6,000 None
Granite Heart Icon Granite Heart 3,000??
Health Elixir Icon Health Elixir
Great Mattekar Horn Icon Great Mattekar Horn 2,500?? 2,000 None
Grey Spine Icon Grey Spine 3,000??
Spine Axe Icon Spine Axe
Hoary Armoredillo Spine Icon Hoary Armoredillo Spine 7,000??
Potion of Healing Icon Potion of Healing (20)
Iron Heart Icon Iron Heart 3,500??
Golem Mace Icon Golem Mace
Island Armoredillo Spine Icon Island Armoredillo Spine 7,50
Fine Spine Axe Icon Fine Spine Axe
Mud Golem Heart Icon Mud Golem Heart 500?? 600 None
Obsidian Heart Icon Obsidian Heart 7,500 5,000 None
Plate Armoredillo Spine Icon Plate Armoredillo Spine 8,000??
Potion of Healing Icon Potion of Healing (20)
Platinum Golem Heart Icon Platinum Golem Heart 10,000??
Platinum Scarab Icon Platinum Scarab
Pyreal Golem Heart Icon Pyreal Golem Heart 9,000??
Pyreal Scarab Icon Pyreal Scarab
Sand Golem Heart Icon Sand Golem Heart 1,500?? 1,250 None
Sandy Armoredillo Spine Icon Sandy Armoredillo Spine 1,000
Spine Axe Icon Spine Axe
Shore Armoredillo Spine Icon Shore Armoredillo Spine 6,000
Spine Axe Icon Spine Axe
Vapor Golem Heart Icon Vapor Golem Heart 10,000??
Trade Note (50,000) Icon Trade Note (50,000)
Water Golem Heart Icon Water Golem Heart 750?? 900 None
Wood Heart Icon Wood Heart 1,500
Golem Jo Icon Golem Jo

Lore & Dialog

Black Hill Trophy Smith says, "I don't have a use for gromnie teeth. But I will reward you for auroch horns."
Black Hill Trophy Smith tells you, "I am interested in armoredillo spines and golem hearts of all kinds. If you give me one I will craft an item from it, or give you something else of value."

You give Black Hill Trophy Smith Auroch Horn.
Black Hill Trophy Smith tells you, "A fine quality horn."

You've earned 1,500 experience.
Black Hill Trophy Smith gives you 1,000 Pyreals.

Black Hill Trophy Smith tells you, "May your future see good fortune."

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