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Blackmire Lore
Level: Any
Type: Solo
Starts At: Burun Ruuk Village at 21.7S, 47.7E
Route: Facility Hub to Blackmire Temple (west hall)
Repeat: 20 Hours


Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Head to the Burun Ruuk Village at 21.7S, 47.7E.
  2. Kill Burun and loot any or all of the following randomly dropping texts:
    1. Etched Fleshy Journal
    2. Fleshy Tome
    3. Foul-Smelling Hide
    4. Marked Fleshy Journal
    5. Scarred Fleshy Journal
    6. Smelly Hide.
  3. Bring the texts to Translator Aun Laokhe in Arwic at 33.5N, 56.8E, atop the central tower for Translation and a reward item.

Dungeons & Maps

No quest dungeons.


Fleshy Tome
Marked Fleshy Journal
Foul-Smelling Hide
Etched Fleshy Journal
Smelly Hide
Scarred Fleshy Journal
Exploration Society Icon.png
Facility Hub Bonus (Level 45+): Show one of the reward items to Warden (Blackmire Temple)
Experience: 5,000,000 (Fixed)



Translator Aun Laokhe

Translator Aun Laokhe tells you, "Hail budhi, I come from the council chambers of Ispar Elysatah with a request. She bids that willing souls investigate the origin of the dark magics that spread across Osteth and Palenqual. She has heard that new anima have spread from the place where the kah took place. Should you find anything of note, I would like to see it. I will be calling on the keh of the Nuuani for aid to understand the things you find. Ispar Elysatah wishes to reach a peaceful accord with this new Xuta."

Translator Aun Laokhe tells you, "Should you find any odd writing that the other translators cannot decipher, perhaps the keh of the Nuuani will help decipher those as well."
Handing in Untranslated Texts

You give Translator Aun Laokhe Etched Fleshy Journal.

Translator Aun Laokhe tells you, "The keh have spoken to me and I have translated their words to paper for you. I have used your language so as to not confuse you."

Translator Aun Laokhe gives you Kixkti Xri's Journal.

Translator Aun Laokhe gives you Elysa's Pendant.

Translator Aun Laokhe tells you, "Farewell budhi."
Facility Hub Warden

Warden tells you, "Near 21.7S, 47.7E you'll find a Burun Ruuk village near the Blackmire Swamp Temple."

Warden tells you, "The Burun in this area carry pages of a journal."

Warden tells you, "Locate these pages, there are six in total. Take the pages to the Aun Tumerok translator Laokhe atop the tower in Arwic at 33.5N, 56.8E."

Warden tells you, "Return to me with any item Laokhe gives you as proof and I'll reward you."
Showing item to the Warden (Bonus Reward)

You allow Warden to examine your Elysa's Boon.

Warden tells you, "Excellent work indeed. I hope you learned something about the Burun, this isn't the last you'll see of them."

Warden tells you, "Here is the reward you were promised."

You've earned 5,000,000 experience.

Update History

A New Threat

  • Quest introduced.

Reforging the Past

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 6 days to 20 hours.
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