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Blackmire Swamp


Located northwest of Shoushi and south of Yanshi, surrounding Sawato, the Blackmire Swamp is where the River Prosper turns into many smaller water canals and small lakes.
The Greenmire Swamp part of it is located close to Shoushi and is home to many lower level creatures.
The main area of the Blackmire Swamp contains swamp- and swamp-creature related dungeons, and on the landscape Moarsman, Mosswarts and Sclavus are common.

Spawn Distributions[]

The majority of the Swamp is split half with monsters aimed at those of levels 20-40 (orange zone) found to the east and levels 10-20 (yellow zone) to the west. However, some higher level content was added during the Burun Story Arc such as the immediate area surrounding the Blackmire Temple. This means that south of the level 10-20 zone, areas can be found with higher level 100+ Burun creatures.


  • Either head into the northwest and southeast reaches of the swamp directly from Yanshi or Sawato or take one of many settlement portals that can be used to reach other areas of the swamp quickly.

Related Quests[]


NPC Name Location Type Details
Archmage 25.6S, 57.6E Shopkeeper Magical Supplies
Healer 26.7S, 65.1E Shopkeeper Healing Supplies
Healer 15.1S, 50.4E Shopkeeper Healing Supplies
Unfriendly Barkeeper 25.3S, 56.6E Quest Sawato Extortion
Wandering Bowyer 21.7S, 52.1E Shopkeeper Ammunition, Fletching Items

Points of Interest[]




Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Quests
A Mosswart Nest 26.8S, 61.7E -- 01DF None
Banderling Conquest Dungeon 29.0S, 50.5E -- 02C8 Mace of the Explorer Quest
Blackmire Temple 21.7S, 47.7E -- 6545 The Temple of Ixir Zi (Blackmire 1)
Black Water Temple 24.2S, 57.1E -- -- Tanada Temple of Black Water Quest
Burun Burrow 27.5S, 53.9E -- 6247 Burun Burrow Quest,
First Contact
Corrupted Catacombs 23.9S 54.1E 00BA 00BA.png -- Celestial Hand Initiation,
Eldrytch Web Initiation,
Radiant Blood Initiation
Deserted Ruin 16.0S, 47.2E -- 0166 Exploration Society Letters,
The Writings of Jhong Mi
Empyrean Foundry 25.1S, 54.2E -- 0136 Hamud's Demise
Hidden Entrance 24.3S, 46.3E -- 017D Burun History
Incunabula Vault 23.0S, 60.0E -- 011A Major Stinging Stone Quest
Mossy Cave 14.1S, 46.0E -- 0177 Bleeargh's Gratitude
ReedShark Lair 12.3S, 48.3E -- 01FC Exploration Society Letters,
The Writings of Jhong Mi
Sawato Bandit's Hideout 25.3S, 56.6E -- 00D0 Sawato Extortion
Soul Hunter's Lair 27.7S, 55.8E -- -- Soul Hunter Quest
Swamp Gardens 22.5S, 45.8E -- 028F Little Green Seeds
Swamp Ruin 25.1S, 52.1E -- 01C5 None
Swamp Temple 23.4S, 47.9E -- 01A2 Swamp Temple Quest
Tainted Grotto 17.8S, 50.6E -- 634C None
Watery Grotto 23.8S, 47.2E -- 017B Bleeargh's Gratitude

Burun Fortress Dungeons[]

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Burun Fortress Central Mound 25.5S 46.4E -- 0278
Burun Fortress SW Mound 25.5S 46.4E -- 0279
Burun Fortress SE Mound 25.5S 46.4E -- 0280
Burun Fortress NE Mound 25.5S 46.4E -- 027A
Burun Fortress NW Mound 25.5S 46.4E -- 027B


Dropped Items

Ice Tachi Icon Ice Tachi

Landscape Items

Colban Plant Icon Colban PlantVerdalim Plant Icon Verdalim PlantDirty Old Crate Icon Dirty Old CrateMinor Stinging Stone Icon Minor Stinging StoneShrine of Black Water Icon Shrine of Black Water


Acid Elemental Icon Acid Elemental

Burun Icon Burun

Golem Icon Golem

Gromnie Icon Gromnie

Mosswart Icon Mosswart

Olthoi Icon Olthoi

Phyntos Wasp Icon Phyntos Wasp

Skeleton Icon Skeleton

Sclavus Icon Sclavus

Undead Icon Undead

Wisp Icon Wisp