Introduced:  Mired Hearts Related Quests:  Bleeargh's Gratitude Updated:  From the Darkness Born
Bleeargh, Mosswart Swamp Lord
Non-Player Killer
Bleeargh, Mosswart Swamp Lord Live
Race Mosswart
Location Yanshi 12.1S, 42.6E
Level 120
Strength 260
Endurance 200
Coordination 250
Quickness 230
Focus 250
Self 220
Health 350
Stamina 350
Mana 300


Lore & Dialog

The creature speaks in a broken form of Roulean.

Bleeargh, Mosswart Swamp Lord tells you, "We try make peace. We needs help before we leave and go make war on lost cousins on islands in the south. You help?"

Bleeargh looks you over quickly.

Bleeargh, Mosswart Swamp Lord tells you, "You strong Isparian. You fight in the place where Bleeargh from. Swamps in lands of dire fighters. You make big wanga against mosswart enemies. You help, much you can do."

Bleeargh, Mosswart Swamp Lord tells you, "Drudge gathering near humie town outside blackmire swamp near mosswart home of green mire. There we lose Spear of Kreerg to Drudges. You get back easy. Not far from there, in trees, Banderlings try to take back the hand of Vagurat. You get that easy too."

Bleeargh, Mosswart Swamp Lord tells you, "You can help get necklace of Leerargh away from Burun. They steal old mosswart home and take necklace. Necklace most important to Mosswarts. You get easily. Not far from here in puddle swamp to south."

Bleeargh, Mosswart Swamp Lord tells you, "Eye of Drageerg taken by dark clouded mosswarts who flee to islands where new home be. You can get easy for Bleeargh and his kin. You have tougher time getting cloth of first mire witch. It on islands in the south too. You go get for Bleeargh he give good reward."

Bleeargh, Mosswart Swamp Lord tells you, "Or you could help Bleeargh get first paint of his kin. The war paint taken by Burun usurpers. They in western part of swamp near swamp temple. They might take that home too. You help Bleeargh, bring these back he give you big knowledge of make items stronger. You unleash knowledge when you learn."

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