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Blight Lord Lair Quest
Level: 180
Type: Solo
Starts At: Node Pyramids
Repeat: 20 Hours


  • All six Gatestones share the same timer.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Collect 20 Blighted Mana Crystals, these drop at 100% rate on the following creatures:
    1. Blighted Sotiris Hollow Minions near the A'mun Node Pyramid at 38.2S, 12.0E
    2. Blighted Dire Ursuins near the Linvak Node Pyramid at 64.8S, 59.3E
    3. Blighted Hoary Armoredillo near the Halaetan Node Pyramid at 93.8N, 67.4W
    4. Blighted Oak Golems near the Esper Node Pyramid at 62.0N, 18.0E
    5. Blighted Pyreal Golems near the Aerlinthe Node Pyramid at 84.1N, 44.1E
    6. Blighted Bane Grievvers near the Obsidian Node Pyramid at 68.0S, 62.2W
  2. Use the gatestone at any of the six Node Pyramids to be portaled to its Blight Lord's Lair.
    1. Aerlinthe Gatestone
    2. A'mun Gatestone
    3. Esper Gatestone
    4. Halaetan Gatestone
    5. Linvak Gatestone
    6. Obsidian Gatestone
  3. Defeat the Blight Guardians and the Blight Lord.
    1. Aerlinthe Blight Lord for Head of the Aerlinthe Blight Lord
    2. A'mun Blight Lord for Head of the A'mun Blight Lord
    3. Esper Blight Lord for Head of the Esper Blight Lord
    4. Halaetan Blight Lord for Head of the Halaetan Blight Lord
    5. Linvak Blight Lord for Head of the Linvak Blight Lord
    6. Obsidian Blight Lord for Head of the Obsidian Blight Lord
  4. Loot the Blight Lord's head and give it to the node altar to receive your rewards.


  • In terms of spawn density the best one to hunt is the Hoary Armoredillo north of Silyun. You can get 20 fairly quickly there by covering a fairly small area near the Node.
  • If you delay answering (about 10 seconds) the gatestone, the dialog box will disappear.
  • The drop is hot, so be ready to fight.
  • There are several Blight Guardian Sclavi along with the Blight Lord. Beware of getting overwhelmed by war magic until you have taken out some of the Sclavi.
  • Once you agree to entry you will be portaled into a big cross shaped room with no visible exits and a selectable node altar at the drop point.


Experience: 65,782,362 (10% up to level 180)



Opening Dialog

You allow Halaetan Gatestone to examine your Blighted Mana Crystal.
You hold the Blighted Mana Shard against the gatestone to no effect. You get the sensation that simply trying to use the gatestone with at least 20 Blighted Mana Shards in your pack will activate its powers.

Giving 20 Blighted Mana Shards to a Gatestone

You hand over 20 of your Blighted Mana Crystals.
The Gatestone teleports you into the lair of the Linvak Blight Lord!
You hear a sibilant voice whisper in your head, "Slay the desecrator of this sacred place and present its head to the altar within to receive your reward..."

Using Altar

A voice whispers in your head, "Ashes for ashes, blood for blood... Give us the head of the desecrator and the Wheel shall turn anew."

Giving Head of Blight Lord to Altar

You give Aerlinthe Altar Head of the Aerlinthe Blight Lord.
You present the head of the Blight Lord to the Altar, and the device seems to absorb the foul, rotting head into itself with an unmistakable air of satisfaction. There is a flash of light, and you find that something has been dropped into your pack...
Aerlinthe Altar gives you Mana Forge Key.
You've earned 65,782,362 experience.
The altar whispers in your mind, "You have cleansed the taint... for now. Receive your reward, and be on your way..."

Update History

Seeds of Corruption

  • Quest introduced.


The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 27 days to 20 hours.
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