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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 17 April 2014

The Best Moments of Asheron's Call History - Submit Your Comments

Calling all MMO fans!

I'm excited to announce that Wikia will be creating a Key Moments in MMO History video. This video will give viewers insight on some of the genre's best games, and the best moments from those games. We want to know which moments of Asheron's Call have resonated with players the most!

What is the most important moment in Asheron's Call History? (For example, was it the introduction of a new expansion? Perhaps the defeat of a major dungeon or boss? An amazing faction-vs-faction war?) We want to hear your opinions to help bring this video to life!

Please submit your comments below. If you would like to personally be featured in the video, record your comment as an audio narration. Your comment could be used to highlight the en…

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An Adventurer An Adventurer 18 February 2010

Asheron's Call Early Story Development

As lead designer, Toby Ragaini and a team of designers created the back-story (characters, monsters, history, and timeline of Dereth) for the game as early as the summer of 1995. and we soon started to see a story more like what we know today form.

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An Adventurer An Adventurer 13 November 2009

Society Improvements

The Societies of Dereth have been in the game for over a year now and have seen very few improvements. We've got a few updates to the PK forts, a mini-game for masters, and a few other minor changes, but overall the society content is the same as it was in August 2008. Here are a few changes and additions I'd like to see.

Tasks & Gaining Rank
One of the big issues with societies is that it takes a long time to gain rank. Which wouldn't be a terrible thing - it is elder content after all - except for the fact that you are running the same handful of simple tasks every week.

One thing that I think would help is the option to complete other tasks. Even if they are just more simple tasks, the option to mix it up every week would make the grind a …

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An Adventurer An Adventurer 8 November 2009

Re: November 2009: Letter from the Producer

Recently Turbine published a Letter from the Producer. The first half is spent reflecting on the last two major updates - the 100th update and the 10th anniversary. The second half outlines some ideas Turbine has for the next big update, planned for the late spring or early summer of 2010.

The Wedding
The premise for this update seems not to be an important milestone for the game itself, but rather the in-game wedding of two yet to be revealed characters. The article does however mention the the King and Queen, meaning the happy couple is likely going to be Queen Elysa and an unknown character, King Varicci and an unknown character, or more likely Prince Borelean and Hoshino Kei, who were King and Queen during the "Golden Age" of Asheron's C…

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