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Bloodstone Investigation
Level: 200
Type: Fellowship
Starts With: Sir Donovan
Starts At: Cabin by the Frozen Valley at 83.8N, 4.3W
Route: Stonehold to Wisp Lake Cottages portal at 69.6N, 20.2W.
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Bloodstone Factory


Investigate the Bloodstones origins for Sir Donovan.

  • The respawn timer for the final boss is very long (15 minutes). For this reason, players often limit this quest to one fellowship, even though there is no hard restriction.
  • Several other quests and kill tasks coincide with this quest and can be completed at the same time as this quest if desired.

Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: Frozen Tomb

  1. Head to the Gurog Ice Cave in the Frozen Valley.
  2. One of the three gurogs in the first room drops the Entryway Key used on the second door (700 difficulty).
  3. The next section of the dungeon is part of Nalicana's Test. If flagged, you can complete that quest, otherwise, the portal to the Frozen Tomb is straight ahead in the last room.
  4. The Frozen Tomb begins with a linear path that has several doors. It is safest to have melee characters kill the Gurogs through the doors before opening them.
  5. You will eventually reach a maze-like section. This is an area where many players die due to being overwhelmed by Gurogs. Hug the right wall and continue.
  6. You will come to a longer hallway that opens into a larger room full of Gurogs and Battle Lord Gregor.
  7. Battle Lord Gregor, the boss, is undead and is vulnerable to undead slayer and fire attacks. He respawns about twice as often as the eight Gurog Soldiers who surround him.
  8. Pick up the Carefully rolled scroll next to Battle Lord Gregor at the end of the Nalicana's Test in the Frozen Tomb. Everyone must pick up a scroll.
    • If anyone needs luminance flagged, have them loot the mnemosyne from Battle Lord Gregor's corpse. There is only 1 per kill.
  9. Head to Zaikhal and give the Carefully rolled scroll to Kuyiza bint Zayi the Translator for the Bloodstone Report.
  10. Hand the Bloodstone Report to Sir Donovan at the Cabin by the Frozen Valley (83.8N 4.3W).

Part 2: Lord Kastellar's Lab

  1. Head back to the Gurog Ice Cave and all the way back to Battle Lord Gregor.
  2. Use the Pillar on the wall in the back right corner of the room to be portaled to Lord Kastellar's Lab.
  3. Work your way through the linear dungeon until you reach Lord Kastellar. You will be fighting Wights, Gurog, and Bloodstones.
  4. Kill Lord Kastellar and loot a Large Tome. He drops 9.
  5. Head back to Zaikhal and give the Large Tome to Kuyiza bint Zayi the Translator for the translated Research Notes.
  6. Head back to Sir Donovan and hand him the translated notes. This flags you to enter the next dungeon.

Part 3: Bloodstone Factory

  1. Proceed to the hole in the ground nearby at 84.5N 5.1W and use the Pillar inside to get portaled to the Bloodstone Factory
  2. Work your way through the dungeon. You will be fighting Wights, Gurog, and Bloodstones.
  3. When you reach the large big room, head west and follow the passage down until it stops above a pit.
  4. Inside the pit will be a Bloodstone Crystal Stockpile surrounded by a few Gurog Guardians, Wights, and Bloodstones. The Gurog are on a very fast respawn.
    • Note: The Bloodstone Crystal Stockpile cannot be debuffed.
    • Note: It is a good idea to debuff all the enemies below before jumping so they can be killed quickly. It is much easier to keep the room clear after it has been initially cleared. Casting Blood loather on the gurogs guardians instead of killing them can make things easier.
  5. Have archers machine gun the Bloodstone Crystal Stockpile with acid or bludge attacks while the rest of your group distracts the mob.
  6. Once the Bloodstone Crystal Stockpile is dead, a Master Bloodstone will spawn.
  7. Kill the Master Bloodstone using bludgeoning attacks.
  8. Loot a Shattered Master Bloodstone Shard and a 3 use Legendary Key. It drops 9 of each per kill, with a very long respawn timer (15 to 20 minutes). The legendary chests are located in an adjacent room.
  9. Hand the Shattered Master Bloodstone Shard to Sir Donovan at the Cabin by the Frozen Valley for rewards.
  10. The wand can be handed in for an alternate lower wield version and then again for an addition reward.


Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Frozen Tomb 84.9N, 7.1W -- --
Lord Kastellar's Lab 84.9N, 7.1W -- --
Bloodstone Factory 84.5N 5.1W -- --


Experience: 287,308,150 (20% up to level 220)
Luminance: 40,000
Titles: Bloodstone Hunter
Give Delicate Bloodstone Wand to Sir Donovan
Give Sturdy Bloodstone Wand to Sir Donovan
Luminance: 5,000


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Opening Dialog

Sir Donovan tells you, "Greetings."
Sir Donovan tells you, "My name is Sir Donovan. I have been dispatched here by Prince Borelean, in order to learn more about these mysterious Bloodstones that have been appearing in the area."
Sir Donovan tells you, "If you find any information pertaining to the Bloodstones, perhaps we can get to the bottom of this mystery."

Giving Bloodstone Report to Sir Donovan

You give Sir Donovan Bloodstone Report.
Sir Donovan tells you, "What's this? Hmmm..."
Sir Donovan carefully reads the scroll.
Sir Donovan tells you, "Well, this is disturbing. I've faced one of these Bloodstones before. They're not exactly pushovers in a fight. I'd hate to see what an army of them could do."
Sir Donovan tells you, "See if you can find this pillar mentioned, and find this Lord Kastellar, or anything else that will help us get to the bottom of this mystery."
Sir Donovan tells you, "I'd expect, given the wording, that this pillar is somewhere close to this Battle Lord Gregor. I'd start my search there."
Sir Donovan tells you, "If nothing else, we at least need to shut down the creation of these Bloodstones."
Sir Donovan tells you, "This ritual they mention worries me. Anything that involves the Archons and Geraine bodes very ill for the rest of us."
As you activate the runes in the order Sir Donovan gave you, you can feel the buildup of energy in the pillar.
Pillar teleports you with Entering Lord Kastellar's Lab.
As Lord Kastellar collapses into dust, a maniacal voice echoes in your mind, "You're too late <killer>! The Bloodstones are complete, and you will never stop them now!"

Giving Research Notes to Sir Donovan

You give Sir Donovan Research Notes.
Sir Donovan reads the first couple of pages, but shuts the book once it moves into the technical creation of the Bloodstones.
Sir Donovan tells you, "Sometimes, Kuyiza amazes me."
Sir Donovan tells you, "I'll send this book to the Prince. With any luck, either he or Asheron will be able to make heads or tails of the notes."
Sir Donovan tells you, "As for this part Kuyiza noted. This I can do something about now."
Sir Donovan tells you, "I can use this enchantment she noted to protect you from the wards on this facility. Since you've succeeded in finding everything so far, it's only proper I let you see this through."
Sir Donovan tells you, "Find this Bloodstone Facility, do whatever you can to hamper their production. Better yet, see if you can find this 'Master Bloodstone' they mention. Bring me back proof of your success, and I'll make sure you are properly rewarded for it."
Sir Donovan tells you, "Now, as for this enchantment..."
Sir Donovan mumbles a few words, while tracing a finger through the transcribed array. Then he reaches out and touches your forehead. A jolt of power passes through your body, making your hands and feet go numb for a moment.
Sir Donovan tells you, "Well, that seemed to work. Let us hope Kuyiza transcribed it properly..."
Sir Donovan tells you, "Good luck!"

Rewards Dialog

You allow Sir Donovan to examine your Shattered Master Bloodstone Shard.
Sir Donovan tells you, "Well, it looks like you were successful."
Sir Donovan tells you, "You've done well. That crystal radiates a ton of geomantic power. The Master Bloodstone must've been very powerful."
Sir Donovan tells you, "Here, let's see if we can put some of that power to work for you."
You hand over 1 of your Shattered Master Bloodstone Shards.
Sir Donovan pulls out some salvaged supplies, and converts a section of the shard into a rather delicate looking wand.
Sir Donovan gives you Delicate Bloodstone Wand.
Sir Donovan gives you Legendary Key.
You've earned 287,308,150 experience.
You've earned 40,000 Luminance.
Sir Donovan tells you, "And, to honor your success in the eyes of your peers."
Sir Donovan awards you the title, "Bloodstone Hunter".
Sir Donovan tells you, "If you are not specialized in the use of Life Magics, I can reinforce the wand to make it a bit less delicate, but it'll weaken its effects slightly. Just hand it back to me and I'll do so."
Sir Donovan tells you, "Also, if you wish a reward other than the wand, hand me back the reinforced wand, and I'll release the Luminance trapped within the crystal and channel it into you."
You allow Sir Donovan to examine your Delicate Bloodstone Wand.
Sir Donovan tells you, "Very well. This will only take a moment."
You hand over 1 of your Delicate Bloodstone Wands.
Sir Donovan gives you Sturdy Bloodstone Wand.
You give Sir Donovan Sturdy Bloodstone Wand.
Sir Donovan tells you, "Very well. Let's see if I can remember how Nalicana taught me to release the luminance in an item..."
Sir Donovan concentrates, and the wand in his hands disintegrates. Then he reaches out and touches your forehead.
You've earned 5,000 Luminance.
Sir Donovan tells you, "There. That worked pretty well."

Other Interactions

As you touch the pillar, you can feel the magics within it reacting to your enchantment.
Pillar teleports you with Entering the Bloodstone Factory.
You bring Gurog Guardian to a fiery end!
With a thunderous explosion, the stockpile is destroyed, leaving only scattered pieces of debris to mark its passage.

Update History

Blood From Stone

  • Quest introduced.

Feelings of Dread

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 27 days to 20 hours.
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