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"In 12 PY, the Virindi-altered human Candeth Martine opened the way to Marae Lassel. Soon humans from the mainland came to the island and began to settle. One of these settlements is Blue, a town in the marshlands of the Karab Delta. In Thistledown of 16 PY, as part of Varrici II's war against the "Bloodless, " the three human settlements on Marae were captured under cover of night. Though a fragile truce now exists between Strathelar and Varrici, the three spire towns remain under New Viamont's control." --Town Network Sign

  • One of the three smaller Isparian towns, located on the southern end of the Karab Delta on Marae Lassel at 39.4N 75.4W.
  • Discovered during the Dark Majesty event, Isparian Shopkeepers took up residence here, together with the native inhabitants, the Aun Tumerok.
  • Like Redspire and Greenspire, it was invaded by the Viamontians during the Under Cover of Night event.
  • The Viamontians immediately started building strongholds, such as the tower in the middle of town.

Map Dereth Point


To Bluespire[]

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Town Network Annex (South) Holtburg 39.5N, 75.3W None

From Bluespire[]

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Bluespire 39.4N, 75.4W Town Network -- None
Bluespire 40.0N, 74.5W Northern Manumet Plains 50.5N, 68.2W 25+

Points of Interest[]

Landscape POIs[]


  • 39.3N, 75.3W - Town Center
  • 41.0N, 77.4W


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Aun Papileona's Shrine to Raeta 38.9N, 76.3W -- 0287 Raeta's Necklace Quest
Viamontian Laboratory 39.4N, 75.3W -- 0068 Plateau Village Transit


NPC Name Location Type Details
Brother Ku-Xao Sutan the Monk 39.5N, 75.2W Shopkeeper Parchment and Books
Dorlan the Armorer 39.2N, 75.5W Shopkeeper Aluvian Weapons and Armor
Lark Grifanna the Barkeep 39.2N, 75.0W Shopkeeper Food, Drinks, and Rumors
Lucarus Malloni the Armorer 39.1N, 75.4W Shopkeeper Viamontian Weapons and Armor
Nathious Agoren the Jeweler 39.0N, 75.3W Shopkeeper Gems and Jewelery
Wahnaqa bint Fayat the Mage 39.2N, 75.2W Shopkeeper Magical Supplies
Yusnar ibn Lomaq the Grocer 39.5N, 75.5W Shopkeeper Food and Cooking Supplies
Aurten Rhell 39.5N, 75.5W Quest Refulgent Bracelet
Aun Papileona Outskirts - 39.8N, 76.4W Quest Raeta's Necklace Quest
Aun Teriona Outskirts - 41.3N, 75.3W Quest Carenzi Plague
Aun Arenura the Crafter 39.2N, 75.0W (2nd Floor) Crafter Siraluun Dresses
Aun Ihmenaura 39.7N, 75.3W Crafter Artisan in Feather and Claw
Aun Kahuiura 39.7N, 75.3W Crafter Artisan in Arcane Ointment
Aun Pitamaura 39.7N, 75.3W Crafter Artisan in Spike and Blade
Aun Nireeura 39.7N, 75.3W Crafter Artisan in Pin and Pitch
Merlonna Farel the Collector 39.5N, 75.5W Crafter --
Otto Selino 39.4N, 75.3W Miscellaneous Astronomer
Salvito di Marden 39.2N, 75.3W Miscellaneous Ferran Knight
Town Crier 39.4N, 75.4W Miscellaneous --
Turino Ribini 39.2N, 75.2W Miscellaneous Tax Collector
Vettorio Bilcone 39.4N, 75.3W Miscellaneous Ferran Knight


Creatures that are commonly found in the area surrounding Bluespire.

Carenzi Icon Carenzi

Crystal Icon Crystal

Golem Icon Golem

Human Icon Human

Olthoi Icon Olthoi

Siraluun Icon Siraluun

Tumerok Icon Tumerok

Ursuin Icon Ursuin

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