Introduced:  Shifting Gears
Bluespire (Town Network Sign)
Generic Sign Icon
  • Value: 125
  • Burden: 9,000
  • In 12 PY, the Virindi-altered human Candeth Martine opened the way to Marae Lassel. Soon humans from the mainland came to the island and began to settle. One of these settlements is Blue, a town in the marshlands of the Karab Delta. In Thistledown of 16 PY, as part of Varrici II's war against the "Bloodless, " the three human settlements on Marae were captured under cover of night. Though a fragile truce now exists between Strathelar and Varrici, the three spire towns remain under New Viamont's control.
Bluespire (Town Network Sign) Live

Bluespire (Town Network Sign)


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