The Master's Lectern, where the Book of Eibhil once rested.

A powerful tome often described as having its own malevolent will.[1][2] Though its exact origins are unknown, we do have some details. It was described as an obscure Falatacot text by the Gelidites, along with another text called the Uotecatl Ceqt of Nahouhnztl.[3] Rytheran wrote that the book was, "derived from the primal darkness that the Falatacot found so enthralling, the darkness which eventually overcame them,"[2] and that when he had used the book, he had, "grasped the power that [the Old Ones] offered through the Book,"[2] showing that the root of the book's power comes from the Old Ones.

Historically, the book is first mentioned at the end of the Millennium War. In the moments before his death, Sarvien, the last king of Dericost,[4] uttered a prophecy from the Book of Eibhil, known as the Fivefold Curse,[5] the curse which outlined the Sendings of Darkness. Though it does not state whether Sarvien read directly from the book or recited from memory, the latter seems more likely, as the victorious Yalaini and Haebreans would have likely destroyed the book if it had been in Sarvien's possession.

The book was next used shortly after the Millennium War. Geraine IV and other Old Lords, notably Rytheran and Aerfalle, had fled from Dericost to Dereth to escape the Yalaini victors.[Citation Needed] Here, they found the House Mhoire, a Dericost house that opposed the Blood Magic necromancy which had been adopted by the lords of Dericost, and fled their homeland during the Dericoi Eipoth.[6] They were discovered, and at the request of Geraine, Rytheran destroyed them using the book.[2][7]

The book is mentioned again at around approximately -990 PY, or approximately HE 236.[8] At this point the Gelidites are in possession of the Uotecatl Ceqt of Nahouhnztl and, "the fragments of the Book of Eibhil."[3] It is unknown what is meant by this, but it likely means that either the Gelidites possessed the whole book, but it was in fragments, or that the book was in numerous fragments, of which the Gelidites only had possession of some. The writing in the book, noted as their most ancient text, was described as, "incomplete, having decayed with the passing of aeons."[3] The Gelidites were in possession of the book (or their fragments of it) for "several hundred years," and, though it is not entirely clear, it is possible they had it all the way up to Frostfell, 10 PY.[3]

Later, some time prior to Wintersebb, 18 PY, the book was being housed in the "Black Library," an area of a hidden chamber below Mage Academy.[7][9] While the events that follow are not entirely clear, what we do know is that Rytheran read from the book in an effort to restore his fading mind,[7] and this action would lead to the resurfacing of the ancient Graveyard of the House Mhoire.[7] Later realizing he had been duped by the powers of the book, Rytheran left his library, book in hand, intent to deliver it to Geraine.[1][2]

It would seem Rytheran was successful, as the next time the book is seen, in Solclaim, 21 PY, it is in the possession of Geraine.[10]

Asheron's Call 2

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The following information comes from Asheron's Call 2, and may not be considered canon.

Geraine and the Book of Eibhil

In one of AC2's story arcs a group of undead called the Archons of the Way steal the book of Eibhil from Geraine and try to use it to supplant him. The book takes them over and attempts to destroy the world. Geraine stops them and meets the physical manifestation of the book, a Falatacot witch named Eibhil. However, Eibhil is not actually the author of the book. Geraine kills Eibhil and vows to author his own book not merely use another's.

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