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Borelean Strathelar
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Borelean Stathelar is the son of Elysa Strathelar and Thorsten Cragstone, conceived on Dereth and born after the death of the Olthoi Queen. He is the Prince of New Aluvia, Black Knight of the Whispering Blade, and a student of both Oswald and Asheron Realaidain.

As a character in the story, Borelean was first introduced during the Elements of Revenge arc. Though just a child, he helped turn Martine against Gaerlan. He later appeared During The War of Blood and Shadow at approximately age 17 as the mysterious Black Knight of the Whispering Blade. He appeared again several months later as himself, Prince Borelean Strathelar. In both appearances as an adult, Borelean wore black Noble Armor with a black Heaume, and wielded the Shield of the Strathelar Elite and the rare sword Guardian of Pwyll.

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