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Introduced:  Bridging the Vast Divide Related Quests:  Guruk Monstrosity Kill Task
Non-Player Killer
Borsh Live
Race Burun Ruuk
Title Monster Killer
Location Kor-Gursha on Bur
Level 140
Strength 200
Endurance 260
Coordination 140
Quickness 320
Focus 100
Self 100
Health 280
Stamina 420
Mana 100


Lore & Dialog[]

Borsh tells you, "There are monsters lurking in the fetid recesses of the Southern Catacombs, huge and bloated with dark purpose. Take your weapon and hunt down 10 of the Guruk Monstrosities and I will reward you. Be careful human, those are dangerous caverns."

Borsh tells you, "Thank you, I can sleep soundly for a time. Accept your reward my friend."
You've earned 32,483,000 experience.
Borsh tells you, "You will be forever remembered as a "Monster Killer".

Borsh tells you, "I'm sure those monstrosities will crawl back from their holes soon enough. Come back in a couple of weeks and I'll reward you for another hunting trip."