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Branith's Stolen Possessions
Level: Any
Type: Solo
Starts At: Mite Maze at 41.1N 56.4E
Route: Portal in the Facility Hub (30+ section)
Repeat: None


Rumors for this quest are Asheron's Call Manual: Branith's Blazing Staff and AC:DM CD Lore: Early Dereth Texts: Branith's Blazing Staff.

Walkthrough & Notes[]

  1. Optional: Purchase The Blazing Staff of Branith rumor from Surnad the Peddler at the Lost Wish Lovers House.
  2. To get to the staff, from the drop stick left until you come to an intersection leading east and south. Go south and then again stick to the left all (you'll back track once or twice, just stick to the wall, it's very mazy). You'll eventually come to a very large room with Branith's Staff.
  3. Defeat the Mite Warrior Queen and loot the Mite Queen's Staff, A Crumpled Letter and 250 Discus.
  4. Last portal recall and from the drop go straight east about 15 feet until you come to a T intersection going north and south. Go south and stick to the right wall until you go up a level, then stick left and you'll shortly come to a small room with the Branith's Shirt.

Dungeons & Maps[]

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Mite Maze 41.1N, 56.4E. -- 01F8


Exploration Society Icon
Facility Hub Bonus (Level 30+): Show the shirt or either of the staves to the Warden
Experience: 950,000 (Fixed)


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Denterra the Healer

Denterra the Healer tells you, "Good day, gentle friend! It's wonderful to have a visitor. Tell me, did you come through Arwic? Did you see Dragando the Leech -- is he doing well?"

Denterra the Healer tells you, "Walk a careful path in these lands, gentle friend. Steer clear of MacDugal's crew of ruffians at the Bandit Castle. And try not to get on the bad side of the Mite Queen. She's civilized, for a mite, but I don't entirely trust her ..."
Surnad the Peddler

Surnad the Peddler tells you, "Welcome! Welcome to our little outpost! What's your pleasure on this fine day? Perhaps some lockpicks, aye? Finest in the land, so they are! The mites love them! All jingly and glittery ..."

Surnad the Peddler tells you, "You keep yourself safe out there. If you go east to the Eotensfang portal, stay away from Bandit Castle! Since MacDugal's mob returned, it's been nothing but trouble between them and Tallial of Neydisa. And don't bother the mites none, either. They don't bother us; we don't bother them."
Facility Hub Warden

Warden tells you, "At the edge of the Lost Wish Mountains outside Arwic you'll find the Mite Maze."

Warden tells you, "The chittering shreiks of Mites have long tormented the ears of adventurers."

Warden tells you, "These creatures assaulted the reclusive pyromancer Branith, a member of the party that slew the One Queen, and made off with his possessions."

Warden tells you, "Navigate the Mite Maze, find the artifacts of pyromancer Branith. Return and show one of these possessions to me for a reward."
Showing Branith's Staff/Shirt to the Warden (Bonus Reward)

You allow Warden to examine your Branith's Shirt.

You've earned 950,000 experience.

Warden tells you, "It seems both you and your ears remains intact after facing a maze full of mites."

Warden tells you, "Here is the reward I promised you for showing me one Branith's possessions."

Update History[]


  • Quest introduced.


Reforging the Past