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Introduced:  Under Cover of Night Related Quests:  The Temple of Xik Minru
Non-Player Killer
Branwyn Live
Race Female Aluvian
Title Worried Wife
Location 29.1N, 57.9E outside Arwic
Level 127
Strength 150
Endurance 120
Coordination 200
Quickness 80
Focus 250
Self 250
Health 200
Stamina 300
Mana 350


  • Route: From Arwic take the Southeast Arwic settlement portal at 32.9N, 59.4E and run to the house at 29.2N, 57.9E.

Lore & Dialog[]

If you are under level 130:

Branwyn tells you, "Oh sweet young one. Thank you for offering your aid, but I fear that the task I would have you do be far beyond your grasp."
Branwyn manages smile weakly at you, but her grief overwhelms her once again.

If you are level 130+:

Branwyn tells you, "Please, bold one! Would you help me find my husband Geowulf the Stonehearted? It has been weeks since he left and I am worried something awful may have happened to him!"
Branwyn tells you, "I am sorry. I should know to behave better in front of those who would help me."
Branwyn tells you, "One morning, Geowulf and I had an argument, over some silly little thing now that I think upon it. He wanted to move closer to Glenden Wood to be near his ailing father. I love Geowulf's father dearly, but Arwic has been so profitable for my small floral business that I couldn't fathom leaving. I suppose I could commute, but at the time the thought didn't even enter my mind."
Branwyn sniffles slightly and sounds as if she is on the verge of breaking into tears once again.
Branwyn tells you, "We... we fought, and he grew angry and left. On his way he took his hiking pack and canteen and I have not seen him since."
Branwyn tells you, "He would at times hike along the western reaches of the Lost Wish range, and he always made certain to stop along the northern coast to take in the ocean view. I couldn't stand the hike, but I would often meet him at the Haliana settlement and we would walk the beach together."
Branwyn fights back another surge of tears and continues with her story.
Branwyn tells you, "I ... just I... oh Geowulf!"
Branwyn tells you, "Please find my husband! Start your search along the northern coast near that settlement I told you of. Please find him, bring me good news of my beloved!"