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Bromord Morresten
Non-Player Killer
Bromord Morresten Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title Honor Guard
Location 12.4S 42.3E in Yanshi
Level 100
Strength 200
Endurance 240
Coordination 160
Quickness 150
Focus 200
Self 180
Health 245
Stamina 350
Mana 235



Bromord Morresten says, "We shall never see his like again..."

Bromord Morresten tells you, "I am here to stand vigil at the memorial of brave Antius Blackmoor. The Queen has also charged me to reward those who helped slay his murderer, the traitor Kurth. If you have a shard of Kurth's armor or a shard from that loathsome sword he wielded, give it to me and I will reward you."

You give Bromord Morresten Shard of Commander Kurth's Armor.
Bromord Morresten tells you, "I see that you took part in the fight against the traitor Kurth. The Queen thanks you for your service. Wear this helm, that all may know of your deeds."
Bromord Morresten gives you Blackmoor Helm.

You give Bromord Morresten Prince's Medal of Bravery.
Bromord Morresten tells you, "A hero from the opening of the portal to Bur, hm? Let me teach you a few combat techniques, so you can help the realm again in the future."
You've earned 118,376,213 experience.