Introduced:  Betrayal Related Quests:  Bronze Statue Weapons
Bronze Quintessence Sickle
Bronze Quintessence Sickle Icon
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 5,000
  • Skill: Finesse Weapons (Axe)
  • Damage: 3 - 6 , Slashing
  • Speed: Slow (300)
Bronze Quintessence Sickle Live


  • One of the Bronze Statue Weapons.
  • It is Retired and a collectible item.
  • Was only available during time-triggered events during the Betrayal patch.
  • Dropped by a Bronze Statue of a Virindi when they raided the towns of Ayan Baqur.
  • Could be turned in, by a level 40+ character, to an Arcanum Researcher for 500,000 experience points.
  • The weapons/shields were heavy, and when they became undroppable during Hidden Vein, people turned them in for xps in masses. This is the reason there are not that many left ingame.
  • It is statue's size (very large).
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