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Bur Live


The Burun homeworld. The entrance to Bur first appeared during the Bur Portal Summoning live event (part of which is now a fixed quest).

Map: AC Warcry's Bur Entrance Map


Portal to Bur[]

A portal to Bur can be found at 67.4N 30.5E. A shortcut can be made by taking the Glystaene Cottages settlement portal (8.8N 60.9E) out of Rithwic, which drops you at 64.1N, 29.6E. You must be flagged to enter the portal.

Flagging for Bur[]

To gain access to Bur, a character must first complete the upper or lower Bur Flagging quests: Asheron's Departure (80+) or Asheron's Departure Lower (1-79).

Related Quests[]

Kill Tasks[]



See Kor-Gursha for a list of NPCs.


Dropped Items

Tiriun Mushroom Cap Icon Tiriun Mushroom CapTiriun Mushroom Spores Icon Tiriun Mushroom SporesTiriun Mushroom Stalk Icon Tiriun Mushroom Stalk

Landscape Items

Skeletal Falatacot Reliquary Icon Skeletal Falatacot ReliquarySmall Skeletal Falatacot Reliquary Icon Small Skeletal Falatacot ReliquaryBlue Burning Mushroom Icon Blue Burning MushroomBlue Glow Mushroom Icon Blue Glow MushroomGreen Glow Mushroom Icon Green Glow MushroomRed Burning Mushroom Icon Red Burning MushroomRed Glow Mushroom Icon Red Glow Mushroom


No Lifestones exist on Bur.



Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Muggy Guruk Caverns From Kor-Gursha -- -- Falatacot Medallion
Northern Catacombs From Kor-Gursha -- -- Guruk Kill Tasks, Bur Mushroom Collection
Eastern Catacombs From Kor-Gursha -- -- Guruk Kill Tasks, Bur Mushroom Collection
Southern Catacombs From Kor-Gursha -- -- Guruk Kill Tasks, Bur Mushroom Collection
Humid Guruk Caverns From Northern Catacombs -- -- Falatacot Medallion
Swamp Cavern From Eastern Catacombs -- -- Putrid Moar Kill Task, Slaying Spiketooth
Steamy Guruk Caverns From Eastern Catacombs -- -- Falatacot Medallion
Deep Guruk Caverns From Southern Catacombs -- -- Falatacot Medallion, Killing Bosh Bosh
Upper Catacombs From Southern Catacombs 00CE 00CE.gif -- Enhancing Mucor, Saving Asheron, Burun Liberator, Harlune's Diplomacy
Ley Line Cavern From Upper Catacombs 0062 0062.png -- Enhancing Mucor, Saving Asheron
Falatacot Visitor's Alcove From Upper Catacombs -- -- Harlune's Diplomacy
Lower Catacomb From Upper Catacombs 006C 006C.gif -- Burun Liberator
Temple of the Three From Upper Catacombs 00E5 00E5.png -- Saving Asheron
Temple of the Three, Ritual Chambers From Temple of the Three 00E4 00E4.png -- Saving Asheron


Moar Icon Moar

Moarsman Icon Moarsman

Thrungus Icon Thrungus