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Introduced:  Rekindling the Light Related Quests:  Burun Liberator
Burun Shaman of Kor-Gursha
Non-Player Killer
Burun Shaman of Kor-Gursha Live
Race Burun Ruuk
Location Lower Catacomb on Bur
Level 73
Strength 210
Endurance 330
Coordination 220
Quickness 350
Focus 140
Self 150
Health 315
Stamina 530
Mana 250


Lore & Dialog[]

Burun Shaman of Kor-Gursha says, "Thank you for freeing me. I have been a captive here for too long, but now I can return to guiding the Burun. Good luck in the future, friend. Scout Leader Tmauruk will want to speak with you when you return to Kor-Gursha."