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Character Summary
Caerlin I / Delophon Realaidain
Associated Groups:
Eras Active:
Important Dates:
  • RE 124 - date of birth
  • RE 230 - beginning of reign
  • TE 2 - date of death (age 773)

Related Characters:

  • Yalaini Emperor, successor of Emperor Kellin, 8th in the Line of Alaidain, original name:Delophon Realaidain, assumes the throne on RE 230[1]
  • At the beginning of his reign, he convicted the Lady Rajael Fellarien of desecrating the island of Marae Lassel, a nature preserve and religious retreat. She maintains that she has been seeking a great evil that resides deep below the island. For her crime, her line is divested of its nobility and she is stripped of the title of Protector of Marae Lassel. A tower is constructed to imprison her in the frozen wastelands of the south, where her only companions will be her Golem guards. She was accused by the Lady of Ithaenc, Lady Adja. [2][3][4]
  • RE 324: In response to the Pelagic sea-nomads raids, Emperor Caerlin declares the port of Aerlinthe an Imperial anchorage and treasure port. Four war galleons and seven fast skysloops, for scouting and messenger duty, drop anchor in Raina's Harbor. They bring with them an additional hundred chevairds to garrison the island. Aerlinthe is acknowledged as one of the most important sources of pyreal in the Empire. [1]

Empyrean Shadow War

  • Reports from Daralet of people, especially children, simply disappearing begin to trickle in to the Imperial capital of Tentael. As these reports and stories spread, the populace in neighboring villages become terrified. Emperor Caerlin sends forces to the borders of the Empire to investigate. Lord Atlan and Lord Loritane are amongst those who do not return.[5][1]
  • When Ilservian Palacost's forces assault the Empire's holdings on the Haebrous continent, the Yalaini forces lead a desperate retreat from the Haebrous lands. As the remnants of the Yalaini armies try to board ships bound for the Yalaini archipelago, Emperor Caerlin I and his Heiromancer guards challenge another Shadow general, Omadin.[3] Omadin lead an assault on the Yalaini rearguard, scattering it like chaff and scything through the weakly defended trains.[6] Emperor Caerlin I and his forces jumped into the breach, and there fought in single combat against Omadin.[6] Seeing his defeat imminent, Omadin called to himself the Black Madness[6] and summons a cloud of Black Breath to his defense.[3] Omadin was defeated and slain, but not before he infected the emperor with the Black Madness at the very moment his head was released from his body. [6][3]This poisons Caerlin, causing him agonizing pain, and in the coming years the pain increases as the patch grows and covers more of his arm, eventually driving him mad.[3][7]
  • With the defeat of Ilservian Palacost, Emperor Caerlin I declares a new age for the Empire.[3]
  • TE 2: Emperor Caerlin I is finally consumed by the disease given to him by his exposure to a swath of Black Breath and dies from the Soulburn Plague after six months of insanity. He is 773 years old. His son, Durglen, ascends to the throne and takes the Imperial name of Emperor Caerlin II. [3][1]

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