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Character Summary
Caerlin II / Durglen Realaidain
Associated Groups:
Eras Active:
Important Dates:
  • RE 377 - date of birth
  • TE 2 - beginning of reign
  • TE 504 - date of death (age 1022)

Related Characters:

  • Yalaini Emperor, successor of Emperor Caerlin I, 9th in the Line of Alaidain, original name:Durglen Realaidain, assumes the Cerulaean Throne on TE 2 after the death of his father due to the Soulburn Plague.[1][2]
  • As Prince Durglen Realaidain, he engages Clari Loritane, daughter of Gevran Loritane and Raina in the year RE 502 and marries her in the year RE 507.[1]
  • Succeeded by Empress Cellaurai, original name:Alhallie Realaidain, daughter of Caerlin II and Clari Loritane[1]


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