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Candrus Steady-Hand
Non-Player Killer
Candrus Steady-Hand Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title Scout of the Hand
Location 65.8S 45.3W just west of Graveyard
Level 100
Strength 180
Endurance 180
Coordination 220
Quickness 200
Focus 140
Self 140
Health 165
Stamina 290
Mana 195


Lore & Dialog[]

Before Speaking to Jondor Torgren[]

Candrus Steady-Hand tells you, "I'm sorry, I am too busy to speak with you. I don't even think you're here on the business of that Arcanum scholar Jondor in Zaikhal, are you?"

After Speaking to Jondor Torgren[]

Candrus Steady-Hand tells you, "Old Jondor sent you looking for me, eh? I have little to hide, and perhaps you would some day be a worthy compatriot in our service, but first I think you must prove your mettle, for we all face dangerous times. Down in this strange pit is a nest of revenants, foul even by the standards of the undead. These Blight Spirits are a symptom of the disease that is spreading across our beloved Dereth! Slay eight of them for me and I will write you a letter of introduction to bring to my superior."