Introduced:  Ashes and Dust Related Quests:  Glenden Wood Invasion
Captain Nyino
Non-Player Killer
Captain Nyino Live
Race Female Sho
Title Captain of the Royal Guard
Location 29.9N, 27.3E in Glenden Wood
Level 108
Strength 255
Endurance 220
Coordination 240
Quickness 240
Focus 90
Self 90
Health 235
Stamina 330
Mana 145


Lore & Dialog

Captain Nyino tells you, "Welcome to Glenden Wood, Elysa sent us here to provide added defense from the Viamont forces. With the help of the Glenden Wood Militia we have driven the invading Viamont forces out of town, but they still keep coming. We are planning assaults on the Glenden Wood Invasions if you are interested in helping."

(retired dialog):
Captain Nyino tells you, "We know of three Viamont Portal Platforms in the woods outside of town. I want you to investigate the North East Portal Platform and if possible put it out of commission. Do whatever it takes to prevent the Viamonts from reinforcing their foothold in Glenden Woods."
Captain Nyino tells you, "I wouldn't advise going on this mission alone though. Find others skilled soldiers to accompany you. Have them talk to me before you leave so I know who is in the field. When your done report back to me."
Captain Nyino tells you, "You will find the Portal Platform at 32.3N 29.5E"

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