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"The Armoredillo is a curious creature, covered in a hard shell bristling with bony, foot-long blades. They are solitary hunters, ranging in size from three to six-feet long. Different breeds dwell in deserts, plains, mountains, and shallow water. They attack with their beaked jaws and their spine blades. Their spinning attack is particularly devastating. It is rumored that skilled artisans can shape Armoredillo blades into wicked weapons."
--Town Network Painting

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Name Level 
Blighted Hoary Armoredillo 80
Bronze Armoredillo Pup 15
Bronze Armoredillo 20
Brown Armoredillo 8
Brown Armoredillo Pup 8
Freshwater Armoredillo 30
Guardian Armoredillo 220
Hoary Armoredillo 80
Island Armoredillo 40
Plate Armoredillo 100
Polardillo 20
Sandy Armoredillo Pup 15
Sandy Armoredillo 20
Shore Armoredillo 30
Spikey Armoredillo Pup 8
Spikey Armoredillo 8
Spiny Armoredillo Pup 8
Spiny Armoredillo 8
Stony Armoredillo Pup 8
Stony Armoredillo 8
Tamed Armoredillo 240
Titanium Armoredillo 160
War Armoredillo 265

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