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"Aurochs, recognizable by their shaggy coats and log horns, roam the grasslands; they do not attack on sight, but will defend their herd if it is threatened." --Town Network Painting

The Auroch is the symbol of the Viamontians and adorns their armor and their banner. The Red Bull of Sanamar is the physical embodiment, but harbors a terrible secret. The great Red Bull of Sanamar is so hearty and red because the horrible thing eats hearts. Specifically, the hearts of tortured, screaming, human-like things called Fiun.

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Name Level 
Auroch Bull 15
Auroch Cow 15
Auroch Fire Bull 20
Auroch Fire Cow 20
Auroch Fire Yearling 15
Auroch Ravager 80
Auroch Yearling 8
Master of the Herd 20

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